Hulk Speaks About Nick’s Crash: He’s Going to Be Okay



Last week we brought you the news that Hulk Hogan‘s 17-year old son Nick was in a serious car accident in Florida. Now Hulk is speaking out to The Insider about the accident that left Nick with “a broken arm and a broken rib and some stuff wrong with his knees.” With Nick’s friend and passenger John Graziano still in critical condition, Hulk revealed that his son is “living at the hospital with John. He’s going to be okay and John’s going to be okay and we’re going to move forward.”

Check out video of Hulk’s moving statement and leave your messages of support for the Hogan and Graziano families here. [Image: Getty]

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  1. Lou Beransen says:

    Hulk I feel for u brother. I hope ur back is doin a little better. I’ve had 3 spinal fusions since 1990.(bad car accident in 1978) Last one was a little over 2 yrs ago & i’m worse than ever & I had one of the best surgeons in NYC but that dont mean sh_t. I’m on enough morphine & fentanyl lollipops to take down a freakin horse. I can work out and stuff but the longer i’m up the more pain i’m in. I can see how u walk and see ur in a lot of chronic pain also. I go to water aerobics cause it feels good as soon as i get the weight off the back. I live in the poconos PA & its always damp or cold on top of the mountian. If ur ever up here I’d like to meet you and trade storys on what u do, to feel better. layin down w/heat feels best. It affects ur hole life being in pain all the time. I saw that u were goin for the surgery & hope ur doin ok cause i know how bad it is my second one in 92 was front and back 12 hr surg. i’ve been a long time fan. I bet u hurt ur back bad when u lifted Andre the Giant. So u been suffering a long time. Do me a favor & beat the stuffing out of that gay )*#@))&#~!$_^%+^& glenn he is annoying.
    God Bless Bro
    Lou B