The Hills: Spencer Dumps Brody, Lauren Hooks Up & Justin Bobby Talks Crazy



Things sure got ugly on this week’s episode of The Hills. Spencer dumped Brody and grew a goatee, Heidi and Jen Bunney bickered about Lauren, Justin Bobby continued to rip out Audrina’s heart while talkin’ nonsense, and Whitney appeared onscreen for two seconds to make THIS face. Ugly, indeed!

For some reason, Heidi skips the ho dresses and busts out a business suit at work. It’s clearly bringing her some bad luck, as her boss Brent reveals that he recently spotted Lauren hanging with Brody. She tries to hide it, but her chins tells us all we need to know. Girl is pissed!


Heidi of course runs home and tells her Sugar Daddy the news. Spencer is so horrified he grows a week’s worth of facial hair in two seconds.


Spencer hops on his iPhone and bitches out Brody with the old classic, “You are rolling around with my enemy, so that makes you my enemy. Do you know see how this works?”

You mean, you being an ass, Spencer? Yes, we see how that works very clearly. We’d like to suggest that Brody replace his “little bitch” of an ex-best friend with the Fro-Dude who was hanging onto Lauren’s every word as she told a story about two women making out in a club bathroom. He seems…desperate fun.


Audrina meets Justin Bobby for dinner, who talks as much craziness as ever while looking both hot and possessed at the same time.


“Putting statements on things, I’m gone. I don’t like that,” he tells Audrina, who nods along to everything he says. She makes a sad face instead of speaking – always a smart move for us independent ladies! Then again, it could just be her flat hair bringin’ her down.


Heidi arranges to meet Lauren’s other ex-best friend, Jen Bunney, for “breakfast,” which is code for “let’s check out each other’s nose jobs and compare whose is better!”


Jen and Heidi skip eating to dish about their former friend, and Heidi tries to convince Jen that Brody spread that sex tape lie. Jen doesn’t buy it, and it’s kind of obvious that she’s ready to be back in the arms of her ex-BFF. When she defends Lauren, Heidi flashes a tude face her way – and shows off her new nose at the same time. Dumb blond genius!


Heidi claims that she doesn’t care about being friends with Lauren again. Jen Bunney wins the fight – and the battle of the better nose – when she replies, “Yeah you do.” Looks like the Bunney smells a reconciliation in her future, if she can smell anything at all.

Over at the Roosevelt Hotel pool, Lauren and her girls hang and flirt with Brody, with whom she spent the previous night. Lauren bashes Justin Bobby as Audrina canoodles with her head. Finally, Audrina has learned what all relationships are all about – shutting up and taking it.


Brody’s posse and Lauren’s gal pals hang out as Heidi heads home to fold more laundry and stare at her boyfriend’s fugly facial hair. The thought is almost too much for our dear friend Whitney to take.


Next week, Jason meets up with Lauren to reveal his new, short hairdo.


Can Whitney handle it?


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