Tommy Lee Sexes Up Gal Pal in Public


tommylee.jpgDear Brandon and Dylan Lee,

I’m sure by now you’ve probably read the report detailing your dad’s table top sexcapades at the Dune nightclub in the Hamptons Sunday night. In case this is news to you, allow me summarize: your dad, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, waltzed into a club with a blond lady (not your mommy), asked the hostess “Is it cool to have sex in here?” He then proceeded to go for some “‘flat-out [bleep]ing’ on a banquette,” according to the many people who watched. In other words, he knocked boots on a table in front of a club full of people.

Now I can imagine this kind of news may be sort of embarrassing for you guys to read, but it shouldn’t be. Your pops is totally living the rock n’ roll dream and setting you both up for a great booty-filled adult life to come. So don’t be ashamed of your dirrrty roots – embrace them! After all it could be worse – your mom could be shaving her head and boning magicians.

Your friend,
The VH1 Blog

PS: I think it’s totally cool that your parents named you after two of the main characters on the hit 90′s teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. You may have never heard of this show, but it was totally culturally significant for a couple of minutes. [NYP. Image: Getty]

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