Vanessa Hudgens’ Sexy Naked Pics Are Real


Vanessa Hudgens Nude PhotosHigh School Musical star and alleged good girl Vanessa Hudgens has admitted that the pics of her posing naked that popped up all over the internet yesterday are indeed real. Hurray! We love a good naked picture scandal, especially from a Disney Channel star. We’ll steer clear of posting the pics on The VH1 Blog, but you can check them out here (NSFW!) and also view some more sexy underwear shots (again – NSFW) that Vanessa took of herself. Vanessa’s career may be screwed, but her boyfriend sure is lucky. And now, thanks to the magic of the internet, so are we. [Images: Getty]

Check out our photo gallery of a fully-clothed Vanessa Hudgens:

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  1. Faeri says:

    girl, don’t let anyone put you down… if you feel good about yourself and you want to show what you’ve grown… let them see it.

  2. brianna says:

    hay vanessa why did you do it i mean why you was my number 1 fan and i was going to vote for you to stay on hsm3 but i can see you was saying sorry so i do and still your number 1 fan just pray so you will be on hsm3

  3. jasmine says:

    hay vanessa i just won’t to say that i am your bbest friend and i do love you but you made your self look ugly out there when you didi those photos i mean come on now disney channel and you fans pears see it now and faeri don’t know what she’s talking about i mean she needs to shut her big mouth up. i hope that you be on hsm3 vanessa please don’t do that agin

  4. jasmine says:

    vanessa you are my number 1 fan but i just don’t git why did you put those photos on the internet i mean you just making your self look ugly please don’t never do it no more please you are my best friend

  5. lebria says:

    hay vanessa i know about those photos but thats ok because every body makes mistakes and every body has those days

  6. jazz says:

    hay girl nice photo

  7. jasmine says:

    i love all of yall dresses it is so cute call me so i can get one

  8. jasmine says:

    hay vanessa i might be your number 1 fan you really need to close your legs cause that is not lady light i mean come on you are doing that in front of a camera you really need to stop drinking please

  9. bri says:

    i hate your ugly _*$#_*&*&!_)(_~ you make me sick go brake a leg or go suck your mommy pusy or go suck a !+#`%&%`@$&^#_`~

  10. jasmine says:

    all of u need to shut the (_~&_^@)&`(_(^+^ up i hate u vanessa hudgens all of yall need to go suck a #*((~+%^`@#*+%#* and me happy stop suckin up to that &&!~%@!*_!@&(~++( aint no way in hell that was a scandal. (stupid )+@_&&~$(*`!$($$) ez

  11. jasmine says:

    she’s a hoe thats wat da f*ck she iz and yall dirt b*tchez need stop kissin her @ss wat yall need 2 do is go suck a d*ck and be happy!!!

  12. Shante says:

    hey vanessa hey vanessa what yall her frineds or something if yall iz then yall need to tell her to keep her legs close. my lil bro saw those nasty A$$ picks, shes a trifling wh0r3 thats wat the f*ck she is, just like jasmine said go suck a d*ck and be happy!!!

  13. Bri bri says:

    i cant stand her u know i agree with Shante and Jasmine except the lil bo part, she’s a sl*t oh and newsflashes @ss kissers she cant sing. 4 real.

  14. Muriel says:

    they look like sisters!

  15. boogaloo shrimp says:

    awl u idiots she did those pics to show her boyfriend zac efron duh gawd she didnt want her fans to see them jus some +^`()&!*~$$)`*% git stole them then published them on the web u all should know damn well she wouldnt want to hurt her fans or her career

  16. madagascar says:

    hehe i agree with boogaloo shrimp (nice name btw) but if any of u saw wat she said about those pics ud know she aint do it on purpose she didnt mean to show it off to ppl jus her bf
    but wat makes me wonder…is that it seems like ppl r purposely looking for these pics otherwise u wouldnt have known about them ana besides i bet alot of u girls r jus jealous that she look so good and u dont suckas y dont yall jus go hump a banana or somthin make u feel good

  17. sonic says:

    wow how r u all gonna call her a slut, a slut is #!!$_(`$((@+)%~~& that sleeps with a bunch of ppl
    man yall dumb i bet yall jus wait for these disney stars to do somthin embarassing jus so u can badmouth them and not only that u all talk like u actually saw those pictures i mean seriously y would u even look at them cus ur jus disappointing urselves and dont u think some of these young celebs would like to get a little wild sometimes cus i mean they do work hard jus to entertain u ppl and yet now cus of one mistake u all turn ur backs on them as if there nothing, gawd she even said shes sorry and those pics r all in the past u cant keep holding a grudge on her like this sheesh

  18. Ashley Leget says:

    Vanessa is a duffer i hte her
    she is a %)$%%(&^*_+*&^++)

  19. Ashley Leget says:

    Vanessa is a looooooooooooser.
    she shoud’nt date zac.
    vanessa is such a duffer that she should matter how well she sings
    anyways she sings like a dog

  20. Mister Metal says:

    Okay.. First of all.. Any of you who call Vanessa Hudgens anything.. Should know that.. Your low, meaningless, and ineffectual oppinions don’t matter in this world.. No one should be treated the way celebrities get treated.. No matter how awful the thing they do is.. She is a great role model and an actress too.. She’s beautiful with a great personality.. Vanessa if you even read these.. (Which I doubt you do.) Don’t listen to anyone unless they are giving you help.. All I have to say to you people is.. Get it straight..

  21. Miley Cyrus says:

    leave zac efron alone and he’s my bf not your so back of nudist.

  22. alesynln says:

    she’s not naked ()%*^**+(~(%#@_`_+

  23. nora says:

    you are so cute…

  24. annie says:

    get lost ~)$`++^%^$@*`~` ole meily’s right zac is a total match for meily not u u r nothing but a loooser so but offfff.oh ya n if it wasnt for zac u woul’dnt even be famous u !^#$*)^#^@_%~^!& er.

  25. annie says:

    p.s u r not cute u r ugly n an &&^`))_&*(##&!~)`

  26. rebecca says:

    i am a daughter of a missionary and we used to look after a deaf school. i loved u like totally and so did my dear deaf frens but your when they saw your pics they were like ooooh but you always have to be you if you did it purposely then it you so its good but if you didnt mean it this way then its nevr too late

  27. lara says:

    Vanessa your excess beautiful I t likes and too ashley kisses lara

  28. TQ says:

    vanessa is a very beautiful girl and i cant leave out sexy, that is ‘very’ sexy. i think shes the hottest girl out there, other than shania twain. keep on looking good girl i wish u were my girl but to young but shania im here for you

  29. VannesaShouldDie says:


  30. Jonathen says:

    You both look SEXY!!!!!really you Ashaly!!!!!


  31. rayanna says:

    never listen to haters girl love u forever

  32. charlene says:

    I asked for Venessa NAKED

  33. dakota wenner says:

    hay im ur #1 fan i have all ur cd everything posters, i now every thing abought u and i no what u did for a certin magozine e mail me at this i am 14 and im in love with u i will be moving to washington stateon the 30 of this month and i loved u in all three high school musicals

  34. katfure says:

    Girl you a brazilian, if your gonna take some pics why not take good ones? yuck.

  35. zoya and tahirih says:

    from zoya
    yo your pics are falkin bad what wrong wit you donkey
    from tairih
    your cute love you bybybybybyyby

  36. staja says:

    Hi vanessa im one of your bigest fans but when i saw that picture of you nacked i went crazy i saw your breast and $&$(#+!~(#*`@)!!+ i acept your apolige but i st ll think your sexy by the way stop dateing zack im the one who is il love with him lol by

  37. staja says:

    Hi vanessa im one of your bigest fans but when i saw that picture of you nacked i went crazy i saw your breast and )@+_^@^&)!#(__)@$ i acept your apolige but i st ll think your sexy by the way stop dateing zack im the one who is il love with him lol by

  38. Elmo says:

    This gal is very pretty…

  39. Christopher says:

    heyy dont let ANYONE!!!!!!! put u down k sooooooooo dont listen anyone say k

  40. bif says:

    I see everyone smackin this women down for waht she did , but what did she do ?did she hurt anyone ?No !
    she took some pics in private. That no-one was supose to see.Believe me I do not think she ment for them to get out. And SHE HAS NOTHING TO BE SORRY ABOUT SHE WAS 18 WHEN THE FIRST PICs OCCURED . SHE WAS AN ADULT SOME LITTLE PUNK GOT PAID FOR DOING WHAT THEY DID ,but what goes around comes around. Agian she has noting to be sorry for this dose not change who she is . I know must of us got naked pics of us some where you prob do not even know they are out there god I hope mine are not. I think it would be would wide “THAT BIG FOOT IS REAL” and he wears a sweater all the time . give her some space . but I bet this will not hurt her carrer any she is hot with or without clothes. not many stars can say that anymore without a little air brushing and some duct-tape. SO AGIAN Vanessa Hudgens has nothing to apologize for.

  41. zac says:

    this is lame she is not butt naked

    zac out

  42. citlally says:

    vanessa i want to see you pics that even shows your but bubs and your front private and post it in you tube by a week.

  43. Lil G-Thang says:

    Yo, I mean she did what she did. Dats COol. Bet you if half of the girls that are hating on her, were asked to model and become famous, They’d drop they panties in a second.

  44. maddie says:

    These pics are disgusting how could u post them on the internaet u losers i hate vannesa hugens

  45. steaphine says:

    zac efron is my boyfriend duh love u zac come to my hose 2night

  46. makayla says:

    girl power

  47. Susie says:

    More naked pics! She has the best tits in the world! More,more,more!

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