Hip-Hop Honors: Common Respects Missy


CommonIt’s no secret what we think of Missy, Snoop, Tribe, WHODINI and Wild Style: we love them so much, we’re honoring them, along with Teddy Riley and Andre Harrell’s job at bringing New Jack Swing to the masses, at the 2007 Hip Hop Honors. If we were host Tracy Morgan, we might say we want to take them out back behind the middle school and get them pregnant. So since you already know what we think, we thought we’d ask some of hip hop’s deftest minds and smoothest voices what they think of the honorees. Here’s Common, who you can watch perform at the ceremony on October 8th at 10 p.m., on Missy Elliott:

Missy man! She, to me, brought in a whole new sound as far as her style of rap. It was easygoing and feel good, and at the same token there was some cleverness to it. She brought a lot of personality to the mic. Visually she did a lot of great things. She’s definitely somebody that should be noted as one of the great writers of this era. From a female perspective, I think she brought things that everybody could relate to, male or female.

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