The Men of I Love New York 2 – A Closer Look


You saw the group shots of the men of I Love New York 2. Now here’s your first peep at close-ups of the dudes that will attempt to win New York’s heart. We’ll be rolling these out in groups all week — the group below is of some of the Regular Casting guys. Try not to swoon when looking at Knock Out’s pictures, btw. New York sure know how to name ‘em!

Midget Mac:

Man Man:



Knock Out:

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  1. teesha says:

    I was watchng “Dr. G medical examiner” tonight on DVR and there was an actor on the reienactments that looked soooo familiar. I kept replying it over and over trying to figure where I knew that guy from. Then I realized it. It is one of the guys off of I love new york 2!!!! They are actors. It was what’s his name…The guy that had a shaved head and supposidly lived with his parents still and was a UPS man or something. THe one that sucked her toes in the bath tub, He is a total actor. THis Dr. G was an old one from years ago so he was always an actor. WHAT A SHAM!!

  2. Gabby F. says:

    I love chance he is the most hottest one on the show. Really who wouldn’t agreee wit me. He is very very very very very very very very hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!