Tila Tequila Takes All Comers


tequila.jpgOur fair sister network, MTV, has greenlit a somewhat interesting dating show: A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. The idea behind it? Television’s very first bisexual dating game. Tila Tequila is the Internet celebrity said to be the most popular person on MySpace (and with over 2 million “friends,” whoever’s saying that just might be right). The show will feature 16 straight lesbians and 16 guys debasing themselv. . . er, vying for Tila’s love and attention. As the sexes and sexual orientations do battle, Tila becomes ever more famous and MTV breaks new ground. Or something. Says Ms. Tequila: “The only twist is that these guys and these girls have NO IDEA that I am bisexual and that they are competing against each others sexes!!! GUYS AGAINST GIRLS….WHO WILL I END UP HOOKING UP WITH????? WILL I BE STRAIGHT OR LESBIAN IN THE END?????” Jeez. They’re going to be untangling this one out in wymyn’s studies for the next 50 years or so. And that cash-register noise? Sounds like Tila’s got money in the bank. What you think about that?

Tune in to MTV October 9th at 10 p.m. and check our gallery of Tila Tequila pics.

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  1. humberto says:

    you are a sexy !#!^_

  2. Sarah Scott says:

    yeah i’m not sure who all is going to read this. I’ve never got on anywhere to say anything about a show before, but i really wanted to know about Danny from the first show… I know Tila, that you had strong feelings for her, so why don’t you just give that one more try, maybe thats where you need to be instead of this second show… If you can get back to me, i’m down to earth and i know i can maybe be trustworthy and talk to you about how you are feeling. I am not fake i just feel like i can help you.

  3. kike says:

    tila can you give me a lap dance?

  4. NIKKI says:


  5. Jenna And Mairi says:

    hi you are awesome rock and roll you go girl. whats up? why did you do the cage thing for ur 1st epsiode it was cool , but why? anyway, u r very pretty. all the boys in my school think ur hot.

    ROCK ON.

    ur biggest fanS Jenna P. And Mairi S.

  6. vicky says:

    this show is the sickest program on tv, you people all are going to burn in hell screaming and agonizing , and you lesbian slut you will get plenty of burns inside your &(*_%& so than you will remember what a waste you been on this earth,you people of this country have such low morals i am so disgusted to live among you all

  7. shanai says:

    hay you can you chosea girl that are good for you

  8. roxceen says:

    hi ur my favorite tv show star I LOVE U TILA

  9. Kalina says:

    tila your hot, you have a great smile, i love your laugh…. i dont know what else to say..

  10. kalina says:

    i only wish you’d take me lol… mail me plz

  11. nichelle says:

    Tila i think your so hot ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  12. Lo says:

    when are yo having a show cause i want treat you like the back stabbing _$+%~^(!^*(!_*_`( es.