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If you hate Lacey, the interview below will probably make you hate her even more. Regarding her time on Rock of Love as the self-appointed “puppet master,” she is, in a word, unapologetic. If you love Lacey, however, please leave your full name and phone number in the comments — I’d like to evaluate you psychologically.

Kidding! I’m sure you won’t believe it, but Lacey’s nice as can be on the phone and in person, and articulate to boot. After the jump, she talks about pre-show scheming, being compared to New York, animal rights and Heather’s allegation that she thorned Bret’s rose, if you get what I’m sayin’ (and I think that you do).

I was surprised that you were so unemotional upon being eliminated.

I’m generally not a very emotional person. I’ve always been that way. It takes something pretty substantial to make that come out of me. And, if I am going to be emotional about something, it takes a while for it to sink in. I never am that way right off the bat. It takes a day for me to feel bad. I was upset, but I just think that part of me was preparing myself for that on an emotional level.

Were you prepared because of the elimination-based nature of the show, or because you thought your time was up?

I didn’t think that I was going to win. I thought I was going to be in the Final 2. I thought all along that Heather was going to win. I thought they had this really strong connection, so I mentally prepared myself. I value Bret as a really good friend. We had a connection right off the bat and I was very attracted to him, but I was careful because I didn’t want to fall in love with him. It was a TV show and I thought that Heather was going to win, anyway, so I just kind of was a little careful about letting my feelings go too far out there.

Heather accused you of ridding her coattails. Were you?

I thought it was really crappy that she would say that. I liked Heather from the beginning. I liked her before I realized her strong connection with Bret. I liked Heather because she was fun and she has a strong personality. She’s closer to my age than some other girls in the house. Riding her coattails had nothing to do with it. I was really disappointed in her that she said that.

You said that you thought you’d be in the Top 2 with Heather. Was your confidence over that the reason we never saw you targeting Jes?

I did give Jes a little bit of a hard time, but yeah. She kept her wall up with him from the very beginning and I figured he’d get tired of that and send her home. I didn’t really see that strong of a connection. I kinda did watching the show back, but around the house, I didn’t see anything. There were a couple of instances where I saw her treat him like a creepy uncle. You know, he was trying to be affectionate toward her, asking her to sit on his lap, and she’d move away from him. I just didn’t think that she was going to be in the Final 2.

You really enjoyed stirring the pot in the house, right?

Oh, absolutely. In a situation like that, I want to be in a position of control. It makes me feel good to be in control of the situation. And in the house, I really feel like I did. I would target somebody and I would want to get them riled up and rattled, just to expose whatever weaknesses that person had. I’m very competitive, and yes, we’re they’re for Bret, but it is a competition.

Was it as much a girl-on-girl competition as a girl-on-boy dating experience in your eyes?

It was half-and-half, for sure. It was difficult for me because I kept losing all the challenges, so I didn’t really get all these dates that the other girls got. Often when I’d go talk to Bret in his room, I’d be going in there for a reason, to talk about the other girls, but I did spend time with him where we just got to, like, talk about ourselves and get to know each other. But I didn’t get as many one-on-one dates that I’d like, so because of that, I had to figure out a different strategy.

And so, you became the villain of Rock of Love.

Definitely. But I wasn’t Bret’s villain, so that’s what matters. I was the villain amongst the other girls. I’m fine with that. The girls on the show had each other’s backs and I had Bret’s back. If that makes me a villain, I’m perfectly content with that. Those girls, their thoughts about me and the way I’m portrayed on the show, those things to me are not what’s important. It doesn’t bother me.

Do people ever, like, threaten to inflict bodily harm on you as you go about your daily life?

No, oddly enough! Of course, I get s*** through email. But if I’m just in my neighborhood, which is, like, 30 miles outside of Los Angeles, I get about three or four people a day, but if I go into Hollywood or Vegas, I get mobbed. Everybody’s really, really nice. I’m waiting for the person to come up and go, “You suck” or “You’re a bitch” or “You’re psycho.” But I haven’t gotten that!

By talking to you and meeting you and watching you interact with people, I know that you have the capacity to be a nice, civil person. I wonder if you did yourself a disservice by taking on the role that you did on the show.

Well, you know what’s interesting about that is that people always want to know what the villain has to say. I can’t tell you how many people have gone to my MySpace page. I put up a bunch of really well-written, well-thought-out blogs on my MySpace page. I kind of just wrote out a bunch of answers to frequently asked questions. Even people who don’t like me are still interested to know what I have to say. I know this because I have a lot of people on my page saying, “You know, I hated you on the show, I came to your page to write you a mean email and then I read your blogs. You’re actually a cool chick and I changed my mind about you.” Everybody sees that I save animals and how horrible could I be if I rescue animals, you know? But I don’t really worry that I did myself a disservice. My strategy was all planned out, and I do want people to see that I’m this sweet, kind person. I know that’s going to come out eventually. At some point down the road, through television or the radio, it’s going to come out. I’m not worried, I’m just following the path of fate right now.

Regarding the animal activism, I just want to gauge how, uh, diehard you are. You called out Dallas for wearing fur, but you didn’t seem to mind that Bret wears leather.

A lot of my friends wear leather, a lot of my friends eat meat. My ex-boyfriend that I was with for 8 years, it was the same thing with him. I’m not looking to date an animal-rights activist. I’m just looking for people who are compassionate or who are open and respectful of my thoughts on the subject. I know that Bret loves animals. He has horses. He has dogs. I know he cares for them and that’s what matters. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to date me or be my friend. As long as people are open-minded and respectful about my beliefs, that’s what I care about. And that’s so not Dallas. Dallas made a comment about wanting to slit an animal’s throat, and that’s what did it for me. That’s when I realized this girl’s an awful human being and she’s gonna pay for it.

Was your puppet-master persona brought out because of the show, or does it define your personality?

It was definitely brought out because of the nature of the show. I can be that way. I was more that way when I was a teenager or in my 20’s, when you have drama like, oh, my best friend’s trying to steal my boyfriend. In my adult life, I have great friends, I work with great people. Nothing ever happens that would cause that to come out. But if somebody was trying to f*** over one of my friends or hurt somebody that I cared about, then, yeah, you’d see the demon Lacey come out. It really takes an extreme scenario.

VH1 has a history of rewarding bad behavior. Did you go into the show knowing that acting out would probably be a good way to secure screen time?

Absolutely. That’s all on purpose. If I wanted to go on the show and be Lacey the sweetheart, I could have been that, too. That is another side of my personality. I could have just shown that. But I knew that for the nature of the show, that wouldn’t have really gotten me very far. You know, I’m a Gemini, and I don’t really believe in astrology, but it is a little bit of a coincidence that with the Gemini, you have the twins, the two opposite parts of your personality, and that is definitely me. One side of me is the mothering, nurturing, thoughtful person that, if you car is broken down at 4 in the morning, you can call me and I’ll come and get you. My other side is don’t f*** with me, don’t f*** with my friends, I will f*** you up and you’ll never forget it. So during the show, I knew I’d be better off playing the villain. It’d help me stay longer and if I stayed longer, I’d get to know Bret better. I’d get more camera time. All the way around, it’s a win-win situation.

What do you think about being compared to New York in that respect?

Oh, I love it. I love New York. I think she does a better job than I do at all of that. She has a different approach than I do. But I think she’s awesome. I dig her.

On the last episode, Heather threw a lot of mud at you, especially in front of your father. Do you have anything to say about her allegations?

My dad knows that I’m a rock and roll chick and I go out and I party and have fun. But he also knows that I’ve never done anything that’s gotten me into trouble. He knows that I work hard and I’m a good person. He is confident in that, so no matter what Heather says, he knows that I’ve got my s*** together, and that’s all that matters. But I was really hurt by Heather, not only that she did what she did in front of my dad, but that she was saying what she was saying. She thought I was trying to manipulate her, which was not true. You know me, I’d tell you if that’s what I was doing. I really, genuinely cared for her and I was really upset by the stuff she was saying, especially at the dinner table.

But as for the stuff she said about you having sex with Bret, was she wrong?

Bret and I had our share of fun times, that’s all I can say. I don’t kiss and tell. Bret and I have a really great relationship and we had our fair share of fun. I’ll leave it at that.

At least once, we saw the girls accuse you of going on the show to promote your music. And although your band’s name was never said on the show, the fact that you’re a musician was impossible to miss. You talked about it constantly.

I’m just really passionate. I talk about animals all the time, too. Things that are important in my life are what’s always on my mind. If I were a soccer player, I’d be talking about soccer all the time and people would wonder, “Are you on the show for your soccer career?”

The superfans got you to admit that you’re on medication and that you go to therapy and that seemed like a really naked moment for you.

Yeah. I was upset about that because the reason I’m on medication and in therapy is because my mom died. Before that, I’d never been on medication. I use it to help me heal from that. I thought it was a low blow for them to take that and use it to make it look like I’m schizophrenic or bipolar.

Is there anything you regret from your time on the show?

You know, I don’t usually regret anything in life. Maybe I’ve said that I wish I hadn’t chugged all that Jägermeister in Vegas, but at the end of the day, nothing really bad came out of it. I looked like an idiot on TV, but that’s it. But no, no regrets. The only thing I’d really regret is if I hurt somebody close to me, which I don’t feel like I did on the show.

I read this rumor about you hosting this show, The Chronicles of Rock.

Yeah. I’m trying to work something out with VH1. It’s gonna be a pilot about up-and-coming rock bands. I’d be the host. The producer has investors and sponsors and just a lot of support. So we’re gonna do the pilot this fall, shop it in the spring and if it gets picked up, it’ll probably air in the summer.

And you’ve still got your band, Nocturne.

I’m doing Nocturne, I also want to do a more poppy, more mainstream project as well. I’ve got a couple of different people who’ve expressed interest in working with me. There’s a guy named Wayne Jobson, who’s won two Grammy Awards, and has worked with No Doubt. He’s expressed interest in working with me. I’m not exactly sure what’s the next best step to take musically, but I do have options.

And so, looking back on it, how do you feel about the show?

I just thought the whole thing was an incredible experience. I do still value Heather as a friend. I love Brandi C., and Kristia, as well. Bret was incredible. I thought the whole experience was great. I had a fantastic time. Maybe I have a lot more enemies than I did before, but at least I got people’s attention. That’s what it’s all about.

Keep up with Lacey at her MySpace page, as well as Nocturne‘s…if you dare!

Bonus! Exclusive photos of Lacey.

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