Britney’s Bad Parenting Finally Busted


britney0919.jpgYesterday the judge in the Britney-Kevin custody battle handed down his ruling, and damn does it paint Brit in a bad light! Here’s what the trashy exes gotta do to keep their kids:

  • No smack talking
  • No Vegas trips without each other’s consent
  • No spanking or other forms of skin smacking punishment
  • Must attend counseling and “Parenting Without Conflict” program
  • No getting hammered or high 12 hours prior to taking the kids

But Brit gets an even worse deal, cuz she’s kinda the worse parent. She’s gotta go to individual counseling, meet with a parenting coach, and get drug tested twice a week (the judge thinks she’s got a problem, natch). Snap! But Brit don’t care – she went out and got sh*tfaced last night at a couple of LA clubs. Sorry Sean and Jayden – mommy needs her “bottle” just as much as you kiddies do – maybe more. Betcha can’t wait for those tests to start! [Image: Getty]

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