Pam Anderson Gets Paid for Sexual Favors


pam0919.jpgNow, normally it’s not that hot to pay off a gambling debt with sex and then date the dude who offered you the money, but in the case of Pam Anderson, it’s oddly sexy. Trashy sure, but who doesn’t want to be every now and again? It’s the reason every gym in America offers Strip Aerobics classes, people. Pam claims that she was down $250,000 at a Vegas poker table when a professional card shark (and john?) offered to pay off the debt if she gave him a little lip action. They then ended up dating. Pam apparently said, “He said if I made out with him that I could clear the thing. A couple of days went by and he followed me around like a puppy dog… I ended up paying off my debt… It worked out, I liked it… I paid off a poker debt with sexual favours and fell in love.”

Ugh – aren’t her kids old enough to read and surf the web? Those poor boys. They can’t even appreciate how hot and skanky their own mom is. [Image: Getty]

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