Amy Winehouse Pulls a Britney


Uh oh. It looks like recent history has repeated itself over in the land of pints and beans n’ toast. Miss Amy Winehouse – who always seems to have accolades heaped upon her regardless of her latest cracked out drama – performed at the MOBO Awards in London last night, and damn, was she out of it. Sporting a cute minidress as opposed to a black sequin bikini, Amy fidgeted, wobbled, stared at the ground and scowled as she mumbled her way through two songs. She leaned on the microphone stand as it it were a cane and definitely spaced out on some lyrics. At least she wasn’t lip-syncing, but come to think of it, it probably would have made the performance a little better. Apparently before the show, Amy was “screaming and chucking anything she could get her hands on at the people around her.” Wow. Follow that up with panty-less flash and she’s the British Britney – but with better(?) hair. [DListed]

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