The Hills: Spencer Regrets Proposing to Heidi (Wouldn’t You?)



The Hills are alive with the sound of drama!!! Lauren, who apparently thought that getting back together with her formerly drug-addicted ex-boyfriend would be a great idea, is shocked to learn that Jason has moved on – and in – with a new (younger) lady!

“Holy sh*t!” is a really good look for her, don’t you think?

Poor thing. How will she get over it. Anyone seen Brody Jenner?


At Teen Vogue, Whitney tries not to shudder as Leather Fashion-Face gives her first big assignment- working the photo-shoot for the world’s worst named band: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.


Across town, Lauren’s ex BFFs Heidi and Jen Bunney (and their new noses) schlep to the bridal shop so Heidi can try on a princess dress and rant about Spencer being her soul-mate. Jen questions whether Heidi is too young to make such a big life-move, and is surprisingly smart for someone who once kissed the guy her best friend was dating.


Whitney, Lauren, and Audrina head out to hang with the lamely named band, and take a bunch of shots to fit in. These girls sure now how to make peer pressure look sexy!


Especially when it’s Audrina trying to pull it off.


Or maybe she just got a whiff of Justin Bobby.

The girls manage not to throw up at the photo-shoot, and everything run smoothly except for one whiny diva band member. Unfortunately this is enough to send Leather Fashion-Face into a tizzy, which you can’t see on her face because her skin is too tight. But girlfriend is pissed. Trust!


Heidi drags Spencer to Crate & Barrel to register for adult-ish wedding presents, which is hilarious as they are neither adults nor actually getting married. Living a lie, one dish at a time!


Insert douche-y Spencer comment here: _____________ .

Over at the college party, Jason and his cat-faced girlfriend announce their engagement:


Meow. We’re happy Jason’s found someone younger and blonder than Lauren – and with heavier eye makeup! A catch indeed. Needless to say, Lauren is psyched!!!


The next day she reveals to Whitney that it wasn’t that Jason is a 20-year old recovering alcoholic announcing his marriage to a 19-year old at a boozy celebration, that upset her – but that he did it in an immature environment surrounded by kegs and Bob Marley posters. Oh sweetie, your priorities are so right on!

If it’s any surprise to anyone (besides Heidi), Spencer is totally NOT into being engaged. He demonstrated this by asking Heidi to marry him on a beach and then verbally assaulting her with insults and snide comments anytime she brings up their pending wedding. A soul-mate indeed. Jen Bunney better be taking notes!


Swoon! Ladies? Who’s jealous?

Next week on The Hills, Elodie does what we viewers can only dream of doing – telling Heidi – in so many words – to F*CK OFF. You go girl!


[All Images: MTV]

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