The Pick Up Artist: Kosmo Kisses & Tells All



Wondering why Alvaro became Kosmo? Think you could mack The Pick Up Artist in a bar? Desperate to know why Kosmo thinks Pradeep is a faker?

The second half of our chat with The Pick Up Artist winner has all the goods on the show that Kosmo calls “an underground revolution.”

Why did you change your name to Kosmo?
Kosmo is my breakdancing name. I got it when I was 10-years old and I used to breakdance in Miami. People couldn’t figure out what I was thinking, so they called me Kosmo. I like it better. I’m out there, I’m not normal at all.

Was the show experience harder than it looked?
Hell yeah! They made it look easy on TV. It’s like going out on the battle field. Going in that bus, everyone was shaking. I was sweating and stuttering and started to think about going home.

Who did you think was going to be your biggest competition?
Joe W. He looked like he didn’t need any training at all. He seemed like he had no problem talking to women.
I thought Joe D. was gonna win it because he seemed like the underdog.

Had you kissed a lot of girls before you got it on the show?
I’ve kissed girls, yeah I have. But they’ve all been kind of drunken kisses. We’d make out, and they’d been like “Holy cow you’re a good kisser.” But I would just be quiet and not say anything so they would leave. Latinos are born to make out, like I said.

How has it been since you left?
There is no one that I will not walk up to and talk to. Without me sounding conceited, I don’t care if it’s Halle Berry now or a 450-pound ugly woman. I’m not intimidated anymore.

So do you get picked up a lot now?
Women come up to me all the time now, and ask me the same thing. And if they don’t know what to say, I get bored. So it is what you have to say. I could meet the most beautiful woman, but if she has nothing to say I’m not interested.

Were you scared during the finale?
Brady was right when he said I was getting competitive. The whole time I didn’t take it as a competition. This is why I love this show so much – it’s not about us arguing with each other like other reality TV shows. We made a pact and we were connected. I never felt the whole thing was a competition until the last show. I wanted the last competition to be me versus Brady – toe to toe.

Could you relate to Kip at all? He looked like he was having a panic attack at one point during the final competition.
When we were done with the whole thing, I said “Kip I wanted you to look at me right now. I don’t give a f*ck about the money, bro. Oh my god you just scared the sh*t out of me because you remind me of me so much.”

What’s next for you?
I have a movie coming out this November called Shadowboxer 2, and I lost twelve pounds for this role, so I look really sexy. And I have two other films coming up in December and January.

Were you surprised that the show was going to be a hit?
No, I felt like we were starting a revolution, like Fight Club, an underground society. I feel like it’s never been done before. And I felt like the people they picked were so perfect. We were fighting within ourselves to be better people. It’s not like I ever picked a fight with Joe D. because he stole my soap or something. I am not a fan of reality shows, so I was really skeptical. But it was a sign from God.

So it was worth it?

Oh yeah. If they told me right now that I could either do a movie with Robert DeNiro or The Pick Up Artist, I would pick The Pick Up Artist. It changed my life.

Any other last words?
I’m not trying to hide that I am an actor and just because I am an actor doesn’t mean the show is fake. In fact – Pradeep was the one acting, because I think acting is when you hide your emotions. To me, that’s acting, and to me I wasn’t acting, because I was what I was –if there was or wasn’t a camera on me.

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