Wendy Williams’ Boob Trick


Hit the clip below to find out what Wendy Williams counts as her “biggest trick.” And it is big. This is the kind of thing you’d never be able to pick up by listening to her on the radio — it’s best reserved for the boob tube, as it were.

A new episode of The Wendy Williams Experience premieres Friday at 9:30/8:30c.

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  1. Hip-Hop Fever Promotions, L.L.C. says:

    Wendy Williams the queen of controversy. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned on your show yet about the controversial guide, What Real Niggaz Want from a Woman by Ronnell “Chewy” Coombs that is available at http://stores.lulu.com/hiphopfever. You left me unbalanced about that. I visit your site and listen to your show to hear the latest news whether it’s from the street or not, but I had to find out about this on TMZ.com by some rapper named Syphdollars. He was givin it up on why the author used the word nigga in the guide’s @~($($($^&_!#`# le. When can I exact to hear for you about this guide?

  2. GAIL says:


  3. keisha hammonds says:

    Wendy Williams,

    The boob trick is funny as hell! Lol!
    You have serious issue problems!
    But don’t we all!

    Love your show! keep up the good work!

    keisha Hammonds

  4. Lawrence Canan says:

    Wendy , are you by any chance related to Arsenio Hall ? There is a considerable resemblance between you and him, especially when you laugh, you could easily pass for his sister. By the way, you’re a hottie Wendy.

  5. Annualmbesnum says:

    ???????? ????? +1

  6. 3121 says:

    WOW! What a great rack! I would love to use then as a pillow!

  7. Reel Deel says:

    Is Wendy Williams a man

  8. Sanne says:


  9. Sunshie says:

    I am not impressed! This is the worst talk show on TV. If you want to do a good deed, help some of these hungry children and the poor, the last thing we need is another talk show that is all talk and very boring I may add.

  10. Pam says:

    I love Wendy i know how to say How You Doin’ the way she says itI think Wendy is the best because she is real she talks about celebrities about her wigs, and stuff. I swear onetime she lifted her wig up a little to the audience/America lol.

  11. Lidia says:

    Dear Wendy, Show Producers, anyone who will listen:

    Wendy, please stop using words like Crazy, Mania, Insane and the like. Persons with mental illnesses do not appreciate the words because they stigmatize persons with mental illness. Mania is a phase of the mental illness Bipolar Disorder Type I. Mania is a life-threatening diagnosis. A person in mania must be admitted to a hospital immediately. Manis was, long ago, most recognized as a word that meant “a crowd of people all excited about the same thing.” Now, the word mania, if you will look in any current dictionary, is a psychiatric word with a psychiatric definition. Remember when you were in high school and middle school? Your English teachers taught you that the first definitions given for a word are the most accepted by our society. You will see a definition for the way you used the word ‘mania’ way down at the bottom the of the definitions for the word. Another stigmatizing thing you did one day was twirl your finger around by your head to indicate someone was not mentally well. This type of thing is not appreciated by persons who are mentally ill.

    What is this about everything being “insane?” You use that word so much. No one believes that you are doing it to hurt and stigmatize the mentally ill. “Insane” is just a popular word right now for describing that things aren’t right.

    Always remember: people have mental illnesses through no fault of their own. They deserve to be treated with dignity.

    I know you meant no harm when you twirled your finger and used words like “insane,” “mania,” “crazy, and the like. Here are some other words that, as a mental health advocate, would like to inform you about:

    Loony, Shrinks, Shrink, Loco, Manic, Mania, Lunatic, Batty, wacky, wacko, mental midget, psycho, and so on. Just think about what you are saying and try not to use words that stigmatize the mentally ill.

    Thank you,

    Lidia S. Cardwell

  12. Peacful everyday says:

    I feel they can talk about whatever they want just like they can see whatever they want.They can hear everything to so your privacy is being invaded by them wiether you want it to or not.I wish we were allowed our privacy.Society created a monster(computers).So some if they cannot beat them they join them.Yes they do want to hear about peoples relationships.I am glad that is not in my job description.I am also glad i do not have to find out peoples every move like some celebs do some it is thier job.They are the most judgmental and are so rich have alot of spare time.Celeb or not people can say what they feel this is the land of the free is’nt it.They may act like they do not want to hear it.Believe me when they get in thier circle they discuss it so why act proper now.Who cares not noone.Thier are certain things i care about like taking away activities from elementary,middle, and highschool students to spend thier money on thier own pleasures.I CARE!The lottery is still being played there is money there, there is no excuse.What my exes did to you or me I DO NOT CARE!To many fish in the sea to talk to instead of wasting your time talking about what one man did to you!BOO HOO!Now get over it.Time still keeps ticking and it is not gonna stop!Much love to everyone.