Fashion WTF: Rumer Willis’ Blond Ambition


rumerface.jpgThere’s no real reason to give a crap about Rumer Willis, except that her parents are the super famous (and way hot) Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Without the celeblood in her veins, she’d be any other 18-year old in America, dabbling in art school or working at Starbucks, in which case failed hair experiments (as well as bird tattoos) would be totally acceptable and understandable. When you’re that age you do dumb stuff to your body and fool yourself into thinking that you are totally cutting edge and hot, when neither are true. Millions of brunettes have come before Rumer, sizzling their scalps with bleach until the result, as in Rumer’s case, is a burnt boy cut modeled after that one time you cut all your Barbie’s hair off when you were four. The girl has the cute quirky thing down and we secretly are fond of her weirdo fashion sense, so let’s forgive her this time. It’s nothing a bottle of Nice n’ Easy in Natural Darkest Brown can’t fix.

Check out more pics of Rumer – in both shades – below.

[All Images: Getty]

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