Pam to Marry Paris’ Sex Tape Stud


pam1001.jpgWhat makes Pamela Anderson‘s new guy such a dream boat?

  • Produced such hits as Who’s Your Caddy? Check!
  • Once married to Shannen Doherty? Check!
  • Famous for doing nothing Paris Hilton? Check!

Pam and Rick Salomon have received a marriage license in Las Vegas so it’s only a matter of time before she slips on a trashy white bikini and makes it official. Hey, if she wants to marry the dude who creepily boned Paris Hilton and then sold it for all the world – including one day, his two daughters – to see, than more power to her. In twelve years all their kids can get together with a box of wine and bond over their parents’ sex tape mistakes. If there’s one thing Pam likes more than guys who record their racy romps (Tommy Lee and Kid Rock have done it too, natch), it’s marrying them in quickie ceremonies. They may have already done the deed! Hopefully, for the rest of us, they caught it all on tape. [TMZ. Image: Getty]

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