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Heather learned that every rose has its thorn the hard way when Bret picked Jes to be his rock of love and essentially pricked the beating heart out of Heather’s body. And though it sent her on a bitter and memorable tirade, you’ll see in the interview below that Heather’s heart has softened as time has passed.

After the jump, big news abounds: a woman of her word, Heather has quit stripping. She talks about her former profession, whether she regrets getting Bret’s name tattooed on her, the state of her sexuality and that awesome, awesome hair she rocked week after week like the trooper that she is.

You were extremely angry with Bret on the finale when he chose Jes to be his rock of love. Are you over it?

It’s not that I’m trying to get over Bret, because the thing is we shared a unique, amazing, cool experience. Whether or not we’re in a relationship, he’s gonna have a special place in my heart and vice versa. We’ll always have that connection, but I’m sure our paths will cross soon. Hopefully we can work together and party together and have some fun together in the near future. But I know that I’m on his mind and he’s on my mind.

You’ve talked to him?

Um, no. But I’ve heard a couple things that he’s said through other people and so I know that he is, uh, thinking about me.

When did you realize you were in love with him?

I knew instantly once we started hanging out and partying together in that atmosphere where there was no jealousy, and it was just really awesome. We started doing body shots, just no holds barred, and we were just really witty, back and forth. When my parents and I ate with Bret at the Saddle Ranch, my mom said, “You know, I heard her on the phone, and I’m thinking, she’s in love with this man.” And that’s when I knew when it was OK to say it, because when your mom sees it and your mom hears it in your voice, it’s real.

In your estimation, did anyone else in the house feel as deeply for Bret as you?

I think Lacey had passion as well, but you know, she and I talked about it. She told me she just had a little crush. No one had what we had, period. The chemistry, the bond and the connection that we had all the way through the show, no one had that. I am not saying he wasn’t attracted to other girls, of course. There were pretty girls in the house. But as far as like the real true deep deep feelings, I’m just the only one. I mean, I just know that.

Is there any moment that sticks out to you that really illustrates that?

Yeah, but they didn’t show it on TV. After our picnic in Cabo, we just could not stop laughing on the way home. That’s all we do when we’re around each other. We just fall out. We, like, cry. He kept saying, “Don’t threaten me with a good time.” We decided we were gonna make t-shirts. He’s like, “We’re gonna put ‘Don’t threaten me with a good time,’ on our wedding invitations.” I go, “Totally.”

Is there anything that you did on the show that you regret?

As far as my emotional ties with Bret go, absolutely not. What I felt and what I said, I meant all of that. Now, my regrets have to do with the girls. I feel really bad about the whole Lacey incident just because I was a little over-dramatic and I was over-exaggerating. Although Lacey’s the villain, she was still a cool chick and she is still a female and she has emotions and it hurt her feelings and it still does. So, if it hurts her feelings it hurts my feelings. I have a big heart.

Do you regret what you said about Lacey (“I saw you s*** his d***,” for example) because it was true? You, Brandi C., and Lacey all spent the night with him…

We didn’t spend the night, no. We were in there jumping on the bed, wrestling drunk as hell, falling all over the place, dancing around. It was no big deal. But what I said about Lacey was actually was a little overblown. It was exaggerated a lot. As far as seeing her do that or anything for that matter, it’s not true. That was overboard. Honestly, I feel bad, but everybody loves that episode. Every time I watch it I cringe.

What about you? Did you have sex with Bret?

We didn’t have sex and I’m glad about that because I didn’t want it to be, like, all hidden. You never know if someone’s listening or whatever.

You refer to Lacey as the “villain,” but you took part in your share of scheming, as well, like when you wrote Bret that note “exposing” the other girls.

A lot of the people don’t know that there was a cute crew guy. These girls would keep hitting on this guy day after day. And I’m, like, falling for Bret while these bitches are talking in the mic to this guy: “We’re talking about you. Can you hear us talking about you? Show us your butt.” I’m falling for this man and we became really good friends right off the bat, so of course I have his back. I’m like, screw these bitches, I’m not there to make friends. I was not going to let these girls who were just there for TV time or whatever to ya know hit on the crew guys. It’s bulls***. So I had to write a note to Bret he didn’t know what was going on.

So no regrets, but you have to be at least a teensy bit sorry for getting Bret’s name tattooed on yourself, right?

No way, it was a great experience. Are you kidding me? That was one of the best dates ever. Bret and I, no one can take that away from us, that was an amazing experience for both of us. People love the tattoo. It’s famous. People want to come up and take pictures of it. It’s all about the experience. It’s not about, “Oh, it’s big. It’s for life. It’s for this, it’s for that.” It was heartfelt and it still is. I don’t regret it at all. I only regret hurting the girls’ feelings. Well, that and making out with Brandi C. And showing my boobs, ’cause now my mom’s mad at me.

Speaking of making out with Brandi C., what’s the final word on your sexuality?

Here’s the deal: I’m not bisexual. I’m strictly d***ly, OK? But I’m not jealous. I know how guys are. You walk into the room they’re staring at the hot chick. Why not just say, “Man, that chick’s hot”? Guys don’t want a girl that’s gonna be like, “What are you staring at her for?” That’s I was doing when we got to Cabo. It doesn’t mean I want to do her. When I drink a lot, I’m very lovey. I make out with everybody, I do body shots, I grab boobs. Who cares? I’m a single girl and I’m just enjoying life. I’m not breaking the law, I’m not hurting anybody. But I’m not bisexual. I’m not a lesbian. But even if I was, who cares? I don’t understand why Bret made a big deal about it. He’s a rock star. Rock stars love threesomes.

Tell me about how your life has changed since the show.

It’s been a crazy transition the last six months. I’m only making like a quarter of the income I used to make when I was dancing so, y’know, I had to downsize and sell my house and whatnot.

So you’re done? No more stripping?

I really pride myself on being an honest, upfront person. If I say that I’m gonna stop doing something, I really mean it. Even if I ruin my credit or lose my house, or not lose my house but I have to sell it cause, y’know, I don’t have that lifestyle anymore. I don’t care to have that stuff anymore. It’s just material things and greed is not the first thing on my mind.

Stripping has to be a hard thing to break away from, though.

Well, yeah. You get caught up and what happens is you get in that sort of rut. Good thing that I’m older and I’m strong enough to get out, but a lot of girls get in that environment at a really young age, and they don’t have their confidence yet. They get really spun in that cycle and it really takes a toll on your mind, body, heart and soul. I just had enough. I went to school. I just kind of fell into it to pay off some student loans and get some assets. But then you get your assets but then you realize you have all these much higher bills than you would with a regular job. So you have to keep up just knowing that you have this huge mortgage. And that is what really puts the pressure on you. Also, it’s hard to make yourself to go to work. When you’re a dancer, you don’t have to go to work if you don’t want to — you don’t have a set schedule. Originally, that’s what lured me in. I could go home to Ohio three months out of the year. I could come and go as I pleased. But the whole show experience changed my way of thinking and everything to where that stuff doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s all about my peace of mind. My soul is pretty much exhausted from that occupation and I just want to move on.

Is it entirely unpleasant, though? There have to be some good aspects of stripping, otherwise people wouldn’t do it.

Oh, absolutely. I’ve had plenty of fun nights out gambling, spending thousands of dollars in shopping sprees. You get all the perks, you go to all the best parties, you get VIP everywhere. It’s really crazy, ’cause Vegas is a city of its own. When people think of dancers they think of these trashy, toothless women in nasty bars. My experience was more about $30 million mega clubs where you have to wear $300 gowns. Dancers in Vegas, they’re like kind of the little mini-celebrities. I’ve never danced anywhere else and I would never dance anywhere else.

Even though you’re no longer doing it, you never really struck me as being ashamed of your stripping while on the show.

I’m an honest person. I’m not gonna hold anything back. I’m a stripper. Lets talk about it, let’s get it out in the open and let’s drop it, you know what I’m saying? I’m not a promiscuous person, I never have been. What you see is what you get with me and a lot of people appreciate that. Even though I’m not the youngest, with the prettiest face on the show, I’m real and I have a lot of fans.

Tell me about your education.

I have an Associates of art and a B.A. in communications at Ohio State University. And then I went to Real Estate School in Nevada.

And so now that you aren’t stripping, what are you doing?

Someone just got a hold of me today to ask me to tour with this tribute band to Poison called Talk Dirty. They’ve got this guy named Baby Bret that’s the singer. They want me to open every night, announcing them and everything. So I’m working on that right now. I’m still working for the Palms in Vegas. Also, I’m writing a book. It’s just pretty much about my life and it’s like a scrapbook. I’ll throw some pictures and stuff in there and you know this and that. I have an idea that I’ve wanted to patent for a few years now. I just don’t know how to go about doing that. I just wanna be an entrepreneur and a good businesswoman and just make a good living and enjoy life while doing that.

Heather, the highlight of the show for me was your hair. It’s absolutely amazing.

Oh, thank you. Everybody gives me crap about it, but the thing is, you’re with an 80’s rock star – someone’s gotta rock the 80’s hair. All these girls are too young to even know Poison let alone did they know that’s the hair he used to have. Only Bret could appreciate it. So it was total aerosol hairspray, all the way. I feel bad for killing the environment, but at least my hair stood up.

If I bumped into you on the street, could I expect to bump into your giant hair, as well? Please say yes!

No. I don’t really rock the hot rollers anymore, especially now that I have extensions. I still wear it curly and I’ll put some volume in it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m trying to change the way I look. I’ve been watching myself on TV, and I need to put some clothes on. I need to wear some shirts that have the rest of the shirt attached. I need to buy some full shirts and some full pants. I need a total makeover. Yeah.

For a lot more from Heather, be sure to check out her MySpace.

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