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We’re in that weird waiting zone between finale and reunion, so it only makes sense that Rock of Love winner Jes be our hottie of the week. The pink-and-blonde-haired spitfire, who resembles no one so much as ’80s cartoon hero Jem, won one for the nice girls, beating out Lacey and the like for a shot at Bret Michaels’ heart. Speaking to, Jes explained how she stayed true to herself: “I stuck to my morals from day one . . . . I’m not going to sit there and show affection to a man who’s showing affection to 20 other women. I wouldn’t do that in front of chicks to make them jealous. I don’t play that game in my life and I refuse to play that game on TV.” She also explained how she remained calm, even when Lacey threw her into the pool: “They portrayed that in my favor. I did freak out and the producers rushed outside: ‘Jes, do not hit her.’ I was screaming, ‘Get her the f*ck out of my face right now.’ But I got over that quickly. I don’t hold grudges.” We’re kind of impressed. Are you?

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