Lindsay Lohan’s Bizarre Family Vacation


lindsaylohandad-copy.jpgLiLo has recently reconnected with her father – after three years of estrangement – as part of her grueling rehab process out in Utah. You know, she plants some flowers, smokes a cig, gets a mani/pedi, and reconciles with her dad. Tough work! Today the father-daughter team is beginning a five day retreat to a rural lodge where they will presumably try to impress each other with how much coke they’ve each done. Oh, and hopefully make up and hug it out. Wouldn’t you give anything to be a fly on the wall (or a cigarette in Lindsay’s back pocket) for one of their healing conversations?

LL: “Dad, I’ve done a lot of bad things.”
Dad: “Me too, honey. It’s okay.”
“Like lots of coke. And obviously pot. Oh, and ecstasy. And maybe meth a couple of times.”
Dad: “Been there, done that.”
LL: “I’ve had a lot of sexual partners, and don’t remember a lot of their names. Or we would do drugs together.”
Dad: “Check.”
LL: “Like Calum Best.”
Dad: “Yup, me too.”
LL: “What?”


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