Adrianne Rails Against, Pulls a Perez


adrianne_perez.jpgIs Adrianne Curry at the center of the VH1 universe? First, she claimed to have helped cause Danny Bonaduce‘s violent display against Jonny Fairplay at Tuesday’s Fox Reality Channel Really Awards. Now she’s going after recent VH1 adoptee Perez Hilton via an angry missive posted on one of her several blogs. What’s next? Pulling New York‘s weave?

Inspired by a brush she had with the blogger at that same awards ceremony, Adrianne sets the record straight on a few things she says Perez has printed about her. Oooh! Blog vs. blog. It’s like Spy vs. Spy without the subtlety. Anyway, among Adrianne’s bones to pick are:

– She’s not banned from the Playboy Mansion.
– She’s not a “failed model.”
– She’s not “classless.”
– Her online radio show is not s***ty.

Adrianne’s vitriol is about as caustic as Perez’s, but it’s at least twice as entertaining. Here’s my favorite excerpt from her missive:

Do you consider yourself a winner? I don’t know many who do. Why don’t you raise money for cancer, or help sick children? Oh yeah, I forgot your only interested in hurting people. Your heart is BLACK. It’s called KARMA baby, and you will get it in SPADES. Could this guy one day become a cool person? I hope so, he is obviously really hurting inside and has yet to deal with his child hood issues.

All [sic], of course! What’s amazing is that Adrianne both takes him down and analyzes him in one prolonged swoop. Is there anything this woman can’t do? [The Official Blog of Adrianne Curry]

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