Hulk Is a Real American…Gladiator!



The rumors are true, brother! Hulk Hogan has been tapped to lead a new generation of men and women in tights when he hosts NBC’s revived incarnation of the ’80s feats-of-strength-and-cheesecake competition American Gladiators. The show is being prepped as a midseason replacement, so with any luck, Hulk will be corralling the strapping masses on your TV set within months.

In a statement on his new gig, Hulk said: “Gladiator-mania is gonna be running wild, brother.” No, seriously. He really said that. We could have predicted it, word for word. However, the fact that he’s still spitting his slang is somewhat comforting in a Norman Rockwell-on-lactic-acid kinda way. [New York Daily News / Image: Getty]

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