I Love New York Dating Tips


Who said I Love New York isn’t educational? If you lack in the art of dating, then watch our new I Love New York Emoticlips, which draw valuable lessons from Chance, Mr. Boston and others. Send them to all of your friends who are unlucky in love, too!

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  1. yonnie says:

    I just wanted to say that new york know matter what you try to do to fix yourself up it does not work you really need some tips on how to dress and wear your hair that don’t make know damn since that you look like that at the second reuion you need to be ashamed of your self and you better not have know baby cause that child is going to be embarassed when they see you on tv lookin like that you so call makin money but why did you have that damn dry as weave in your hair it look like the cheapest weave you could find and that guy tailor is to handsome to be with a person like you i think he is makin the biggest mistake of his life because he can damn sure so better than you all i got to say is get it together and i forgot those damn breast that you got are a mess one is bigger than the other.