Ice T – Keep The ‘N’ Word To Yourself


Rappers have never been afraid to put their opinions out there, and last night at our Hip-Hop Honors show, after helping celebrate his South Central bud Snoop Dogg, Ice T answered a volley of queries from the press, passionately erupting on a number of subjects. The most compelling flurry had to do with names – the way we identify ourselves and each other. Delivered in a lightning bolt speed, it was an impressive spiel, And it went a little sumpun like this…

N*gga’s not a bad word. My father said n*gga, so I’m not gonna get rid of the word. It has no relevance. I feel there are inside words and outside words. If you’re gay, you can say gay stuff, if you ain’t gay, don’t talk about it. If you’re fat, don’t talk about nobody skinny. If you’re skinny, don’t talk fat. If you Italian, same thing. I come from the hood where n*ggas is, so I can say n*gga. But if you ain’t from that, don’t say that. You dig?

So I’m not gonna change my words and all that, cause that really doesn’t really change the situations and the issues that are on the streets. I could be rich n*gga, basically making moves for other n*ggas. So don’t worry about the word; get to the bottom of the problem.

Hey, you never talk down on someone that’s down. You never walk by someone who’s doing bad and say bad things about ‘em. Think about the next person you’re hating on. F*ck the haters.

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