I Love New York 2 – Blog Party


Live Mac Attack! Posted at 9:50PM EST


She kept Midget Mac! Are you popping the champagne yet?

New York cut Doc, Ears, Milliown and Champion. Did she make the right decisions? Any early frontrunners of the guys she did keep?

Live Cuttin’ Time Posted at 9:42PM EST


Who needs to go and who’s going to stay? Any of these guys steel your heart yet…or any other body part, for that matter?
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Live Millione vs. Man Man Posted at 9:32PM EST


Is this really happening? Millione and Man Man are about to tussle at the first mixer of the first day of the show? What should New York do with these clowns?
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Live It Licks, It Sucks Posted at 9:29PM EST


New York is saying he’s “mental institution weird,” but she digs the fact that he’s “unpredictable.” What’s the verdict on It?
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Live Wolf’s D-Bomb Posted at 9:20PM EST


Did you just hear Wolf’s reason for why he shouldn’t be cut?

Yes. You did. “I got a big d***.” That’s all he had to say.

Is Wolf a perv with no class that New York needs to boot tonight? Or is he just a man with a solid game plan?
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Live What the Freak Is That? Posted at 9:10PM EST


Mom: Are you going to make love to a midget?

NY: It’ll be something new.

Mom: What can he do?

NY: Well, he does come up to the right place.

Wow. These choice nuggets of dialogue raise tons of questions.

1. Is New York’s mom being crazy insensitive and inhumane? Or is she just trying to be brutally honest and protective of her daughter?

2. Will Midget Mac be cut tonight?

3. Does he have a shot at winning New York’s heart?

4. Will they get it on?

5. Will Midget Mac star on his own VH1 series and what would it be called?
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Live How Good Does New York Look? Posted at 9PM


Posture: Uncertain.

Hair: Glossy, full.

Cleavage: Perilously full.

Dress: Funky but not overly so.

Facial Expression: Radiant.

But why does she also look nervous? Is she using her swagger to cover up a fear of getting hurt?

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  1. jony says:

    shes cute

  2. peanut says:

    h@y sup is there going to be a i luv new@YK 3

  3. nikky says:

    u r an ugly women.new york they juss come on da show for yo money they dont really like you you are ugly

  4. nikky says:

    new york you are so ugly those guys dont really like you

  5. shorty d says:

    i think newyork is a ugly man her mother looks like a dog with out a hair line newyork and her ugly ^`$ mother is nasty and mean for that man to say shes in church that ugly ^`$ (((@( do not have the love of god the way that man looking devil talked to the mens on that (((@( show newyork or her evil looking ^`$ mother can never say the word ugly them two (((@( es is ugly as hell

  6. shorty d says:

    newyork is a ugly &$%+! her mother is real ugly she looks like a man with a bad wig , i don’t see how the hell any man will fight for her love ,that man looking &$%+! can’t love any one in till that &$%+! love her self first ; who the +~^) look for love on a t v show ;new york is a slut that &$%+! kissed 40 mens that ugly nasty &$%+!

  7. m says:

    he is ugly

  8. Alleyesia says:

    The show is fake just like you.By the way I’m NINE FAKE! Don’t Like You! BZZY

  9. kk says:

    u is a ho

  10. loganfowler says:

    newyork what was wrong with you? why did you not pick chance on the frist one he was the sexys one on the show and on the 2nd one you should of pick buda and you was right leaving flavorflav and i am cool with you but thing 1&2 looks better then you and they are on flavorflave 3
    and yhats a shame you was on there 2 times that not right but thats okay because you is so ugly and that is bad weave you got in your hair sorry but you is fake

  11. loganfowler says:

    you is not cute u is ugly

  12. donald says:

    newyork looks cute and beautiful like me and my famliy i think. that is a midget.midget mac is not going to make it.

  13. donald says:

    u should haue pick me so i can be your friend so give me your number

    send back

  14. mrs.poo says:

    wateva she ugly

  15. brandon says:

    u should of left him the first night are u stupid???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. brandon says:

    dont ever believe what he said*

  17. ciara says:

    I love your show even though your show have alot of drama and you are not good 4 a messted-up dued like flavor flav and he and you will make a ugly baby aka youwill make a cute baby with talor may he is so hamsome because he is light skinned.


  18. cat says:

    ddis stuff is crazy

  19. michelle kilgoe says:

    who ever said New York is ugly has a seriuos eye problem now New york may have #^#@%(%!!~%*%)+&* y ways but she is very beautiful and strong to have gone through getting dumped twice by the same man Flav know good and well if he wasn’t rich he wouldn’t have gotten all those women

  20. ciara says:

    your mom is a )`###`@^)@#$~$~%# and is fake plus howho not t she goin to tell you who to choose and who not to choose

  21. mz.bettyboo says:

    hey newyork why did u limitnate mig mac

  22. sassy says:

    why do newyork like showing her boobs