I Love New York 2 – Blog Party


Live Mac Attack! Posted at 9:50PM EST


She kept Midget Mac! Are you popping the champagne yet?

New York cut Doc, Ears, Milliown and Champion. Did she make the right decisions? Any early frontrunners of the guys she did keep?

Live Cuttin’ Time Posted at 9:42PM EST


Who needs to go and who’s going to stay? Any of these guys steel your heart yet…or any other body part, for that matter?
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Live Millione vs. Man Man Posted at 9:32PM EST


Is this really happening? Millione and Man Man are about to tussle at the first mixer of the first day of the show? What should New York do with these clowns?
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Live It Licks, It Sucks Posted at 9:29PM EST


New York is saying he’s “mental institution weird,” but she digs the fact that he’s “unpredictable.” What’s the verdict on It?
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Live Wolf’s D-Bomb Posted at 9:20PM EST


Did you just hear Wolf’s reason for why he shouldn’t be cut?

Yes. You did. “I got a big d***.” That’s all he had to say.

Is Wolf a perv with no class that New York needs to boot tonight? Or is he just a man with a solid game plan?
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Live What the Freak Is That? Posted at 9:10PM EST


Mom: Are you going to make love to a midget?

NY: It’ll be something new.

Mom: What can he do?

NY: Well, he does come up to the right place.

Wow. These choice nuggets of dialogue raise tons of questions.

1. Is New York’s mom being crazy insensitive and inhumane? Or is she just trying to be brutally honest and protective of her daughter?

2. Will Midget Mac be cut tonight?

3. Does he have a shot at winning New York’s heart?

4. Will they get it on?

5. Will Midget Mac star on his own VH1 series and what would it be called?
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Live How Good Does New York Look? Posted at 9PM


Posture: Uncertain.

Hair: Glossy, full.

Cleavage: Perilously full.

Dress: Funky but not overly so.

Facial Expression: Radiant.

But why does she also look nervous? Is she using her swagger to cover up a fear of getting hurt?

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