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She’s baa-aack! And this time she’s in love! For real! Seriously! The queen of Celebreality, Miss Tiffany “New York” Pollard gives us an exclusive scoop on the new season of I Love New York. New York talks about being dumped by Tango, her new dudes, how she plans on holding onto the winner of I Love New York 2 and, maybe most importantly, penises. You probably could have guessed, but now you have confirmation: New York is a size queen and proud of it. The d*** discourse begins after the jump…

What was it like getting into this second season?

I was very excited, but you know at the same time I did have…not a doubt but just a tiny little hint of fear because I’m like, OK, we’ll possibly get another great group of guys and I’ll pick the wrong one. And then, I’d be reliving the whole thing with Tango again. You know like picking someone and then at the last minute, having it not work out.

How long did it take for you to get over Tango?

It took me such a long time to get over Flav, and I kid you not, it took me about two weeks to get over Tango. Maybe a week and a half.

But I mean that still is a considerable amount of time that you spent worrying about him. I was backstage at the reunion and I saw you walking off stage after taping wrapped and you were pissed, I mean you were crying and upset. It wasn’t a game.

I was very, very emotional. That was real. You know, we talked a lot and he kept it together and he would call me and everything would be fine. It’s like he waited for that precise moment when we got on stage together to tell me that he didn’t want to be with me. It was a sideswipe. He waited to get me in front of everybody on national television and he went off.

On the reunion, you said you wish you picked Chance. Do you still wish that?

I think that when I said I should have picked Chance that was definitely anger and that was me trying to get back at Tango for upsetting me on the stage. You know, I’m glad that I didn’t pick Chance. I’m glad I picked Tango because I needed to do [the process] again. The guy that I’m with right now is like the perfect man.

Are you doing anything differently this time around? What makes you think that it’ll work out with the I Love New York 2 winner when it didn’t work out with Tango?

Well, I will say this: there are times we get together on weekends. We’ll get a hotel. I always check in first, and then he’ll come in after so no one ever sees us together. We keep it on the low, of course, because we signed contracts, we don’t want to get in trouble. We dress up in disguises.

When you say “disguises,” I imagine you with like a fake mustache on and a big nose.

Oh my goodness, no! My disguise always has to be fabulous. I’m wearing a long black trench, big shades, and like a nice big hat.

And speaking of disguises, let’s talk about your hair for a sec. I know that you’ve talked about wearing wigs before. Are you still doing that? What were you rocking during the first episode of this new season?

The first episode is a lace-front wig. For some of the episodes, we did integrated pieces — some of the hair in the back would be fake, then some of it would be my own. I had a hair stylist this time around. Last season, I struggled with the heat. Sometimes my hair would get really frizzy or it would look really good only when it first got done. So this time, I had someone on set all the time to take care of my hair so it looked fabulous. My hair is on point this season.

Can you compare the Season 1 guys to the Season 2 guys? Are they hotter this time around?

Well, you know emotions are always first and foremost with me. The guys on Season 2 are way more open to love. I feel like the guys on season two are there for me way more than the guys on Season 1 ever could’ve been. They aren’t nervous. They’re open and they want to get to know me. I didn’t really feel that the first season. I had to build that with the guys and we had to work toward that, but this season it just happened the first night.

And how was the Season 2 experience in general, compared to the first time around?

This season is so intense. There are a lot more emotions involved and everything is just so…I won’t say peaceful, but everybody knows what they want this time. These guys know what they’re there for.

On the first episode, you walk out and see the guys and you can’t hide the shock on your face. You were reacting mostly to Midget Mac, right?

I was expecting to see guys, but I was not expecting to see a little person. You know how it is behind the scenes: “OK, New York. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Walk out!” So I walk out and immediately, I was stunned. I just did not know there was gonna be a little person waiting out there for me.

But it seems like, at least on the first episode, you were giving him like a chance.

Absolutely. When I first saw him, I did kind of look at him, and like zone in on him but then I pulled it together. I figured: hey, hold up a minute. He’s a man too. Relax. I didn’t want to disqualify him or close off to him just because he was a small person.

And speaking of size, also on the first episode, Wolf told you “I got a big d***.” Best pick-up line ever?

That was so straight and to the point, and that was a perfect pick up line for a woman such as myself because I am so comfortable with my sexuality. I like to experiment and play around as long as I’m doing it safely. When I heard he had a big d***, yeah I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to see it. That made me want to keep him around and get some of that.

Are you a size queen?

Definitely. I’m not gonna sit there and act a guy with a small penis is gonna be able to satisfy me. If I act like it’s cool and it’s good sex and it’s really not, it’s gonna cause problems in the relationship. I could definitely break up with someone if their d*** is too small!

Have you? I mean, at the I Love New York reunion, you talked about Tango being way smaller than Chance.

I did like Tango, but he really did have a two-inch d***. My plan was to try and see it through and kinda cheat on him every month or two. You know, get that good fix but I’ll keep him because I really did have feelings for him.

Another thing about the guys this time is that some of them come courtesy of the Internet. Was it scary leaving such decisions up to your fans?

When I first heard about the fans putting some guys in the house, I did feel comfortable because they know me. I know that the fans they follow I Love New York and they know what I need. They know what I want in a guy I just feel comfortable with them doing that.

Of the many awesome things about the season premiere of I Love New York 2, I think my favorite is when, in response to your mother saying you’ll be a laughingstock if you date Midget Mac, you say, “It’s all good. They laugh at me, anyway.” At this point, you have a pretty good sense of humor about yourself.

Absolutely I do. I’m not one of those people that take myself seriously. I’m the first one to laugh at myself and when other people laugh at me you know, I just laugh back.

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