Heidi and Spencer Fake It on The Hills


heidispencer1011.jpgGet your tissues out, Hills fans, because here’s a depressing tidbit that wasn’t included in Monday night’s crapola cram session: The Hills is one big sexy pile of fake. Admit it – you already knew this but just couldn’t bring yourself to acknowledge the (fake) truth. Sadly, our fave reality show is as made up as Santa Claus – just in a pair of Ray Bans with a lovely Louis Vuitton bag. Check out these pics taken yesterday of Heidi and Spencer staging an airport drop off and pick up at LAX. They change shirts to make it look like two different occasions, but the rest of their outfits are exactly the same.

This should come as no surprise, especially when the show’s executive producer has basically revealed that the show is staged. But rest assured dear fans, everything Lo does is 100% real, baby! There’s nothing fake about the way she says “Justin Bobby” or flashes her crotch for the cameras. She can’t help but be real – real effing nuts. Team Lo(co)! [Getty]

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  1. Dave says:

    I have one word to describe Spencer, TOOL. How old are you? and you live with your sister, TOOL. Heidi, wake up before you become a TOOL.

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m sorry…the fact that Heidi and Spencer are even D list celebrities is a disgrace. What a waste of time and air those two are. They deserve nothing. Maybe if they actually worked for a living and realized that there is a whole reality that does not include fake boobs, bleached hair, posing for tabloids, and made-up drama…maybe they’d earn some credit…doubtful, but maybe.

  3. Jimmy Jay says:

    Could someone now stage a FAKE funeral and get rid of these pathetic ~#_)+&(@!^~+~^) holes.
    And btw, Hey Viacom/MTV/VH-1, how about some quality programming that doesn’t involve self obsessed, money grubbing, disease riddled, fame ^*#(!$*!#)%+@*%@^ s.
    How many fake ~#_)+&(@!^~+~^) lying, morally degenerate wannabes can you continue to “script” reality shows for your declining networks.
    Come on, BE ORIGINAL!!!
    How about some shows that “kids” of all ages can get behind and support.
    Save the trash (and all your fake reality ^*#(!$*!#)%+@*%@^ s) for the sanitation department.
    If you need help with ideals….give me a job, I’ll improve your network.
    Jimmy Jay

  4. Jimmy Jay says:

    Could someone now stage a FAKE funeral and get rid of these pathetic $@`*#~$$!*+!&~% holes.

  5. Jimmy Jay says:


  6. Lisa says:

    You two are the biggest losers I have ever seen. Heidi, you couldn’t be any uglier.. yikes.. those fake sick looking boobs, and Spencer.. wtf? you creepy looking thing… your hair.. lol.. too funny, you’re gay, admit it.. you two are pathetic.. get a life. Such unattractive people..have you looked in the mirror lately? Either of you?

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