Amy Winehouse Pays for Her Hair


amywinehouse1015.jpgAfter all the bad press Amy Winehouse has been getting this fall, it’s good to know she’s still capable of doing stuff other than drugs. The singer is allegedly donating $100,000 to a Romanian orphanage after she learned that the mound of fake hair she teases into a beehive could possibly come from the heads of the poor kids. Apparently the hair chopped off of orphans is used to make weaves and wigs for rich ladies. A source says, “She had no idea orphans were exploited. She knows where her weave comes from and to be honest, it’s the US where most of the unethically culled hair ends up but she still wanted to help.”

Oh sure, blame us Americans! Eh, that British blabber is probably right – Britney Spears must have like, a whole country of kids on her head. Oops! [Getty]

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  1. mike yuen ken paahana says:

    My gf jaymee thinks she is jus like amy winehouse, she makes her face look like amys, has tats all over like amys, weres the same kine jewelry and earrings like amy, dresses like her copys her eye make up. People think it’s a joke but its not, my gf think she look good copying amy. I want her to stop copying amy coz she looks like a slutz acting like she is amy whinehouse. What kine mother goes around acting all druggy and think she hip. das not cool. I like tell her peoples stay laughing at her all the time bout the way she looks. But she going get all crazy on me. Her teeth stay all yellow color jus like amy coz she smoke so much.