I Love New York 2 – Blog Party (Episode 2)


Live It and Tailor Made Get Chains Posted at 9:57PM EST


It lied about the flowers and Tailor Made is married — and yet neither were cut! Did New York make the right decision? Should she have kept Yours? Weigh in now and check back tomorrow for our official recap!

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Live Hair today Posted at 9:49PM EST


What do you think of New York’s new do? If she keeps switching it up, what styles should she rock? Could a shiny bald head be so far away?

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Live Unsure is certain Posted at 9:45PM EST

Unsure: New York’s biggest waste of time so far this season?

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Live Flowers for Algernon Posted at 9:33PM EST


It’s claiming that the flowers he signed for are from him. How long can he get away with this charade? More importantly, how long can he keep that expression frozen on his face?

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Live Tailor Made…a mistake? Posted at 9:25PM EST


Tailor Made reveals that he’s still married. Should he automatically be disqualified? Should he have been allowed to try out for the show in the first place?

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Live Cue the Halloween theme Posted at 9:20PM ESTilny2_2_48.jpg

What do you think — is Tailor Made’s mask the scariest thing we’ve seen on this show so far? Scarier, even, than Sister Patterson’s nails?


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Live Move, snitch, get out the way Posted at 9:15PM EST


Is Cheezy a snitch? Should he have to pay for informing New York about Unsure’s re-gifted jacket?

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Live Down on the ranch Posted at 9:12PM EST


New York and Midget Mac share a common bond over a love of ranch dressing. Are you buying it? How much do you wanna bet that by the end of the night, he’s covered in it and she’s “dressing his salad?”

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Live Oh, poop Posted at 9:09PM EST


New York compares Knock Out’s gift of chocolate to diarrhea. Is this the worst one she’s received yet? That drawing from yours is pretty crappy…

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Live A dead midget on our hands? Posted at 9:04PM EST


Midget Mac is in peril! Do you think he’s a goner? New York wouldn’t let him drown…would she?

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Live Yours, Not Mine Posted at 9:03PM EST


Yours told New York it took six hours to draw this picture of her…and it looks like all that time was spent trying to figure out how to not make it look like New York. What do you think of Yours’ skills? And if the drawing doesn’t look like New York, who does it look like?

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Live Mac Attack revisited Posted at 9:02PM EST



Midget Mac is ripped! Can you see why New York might be into him? More importantly, would you do him?

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