Mom Kardashian’s Rack Job


KrisPlease mom, don’t show off the twins when I’m trying to impress America with my ass.

The Kardashian sisters were chatting it up with Chelsea Handler last Friday, when the lead sibling, who’s got a little Playboy action going in time to juice ratings for their new show, explained some intra-family tensions. Seems they were meeting with Hugh Heffner and mother K, aka Kris Jennings, was rocking a top that was all about the cleavage.

“She was wearing the most boob thing I’ve never seen in my life,” said Kim, “and I’m like ‘Mom, you want Hef to ask you to to do Playboy – that’s what this whole thing is about. She sitting there saying that it’s her dream to do Playboy and I”m like wait a minute, doesn’t Hef want to meet me?”

Of course he does, honey – mom’s just gotta get a little Hollywood business done.

What did you think of last night’s premiere of Keeping Up the Kardashians? Will you ever watch again?

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