Spencer Pratt is Desperate for Your Hatred


spencerloser.jpgIsn’t it fun to hate on Spencer Pratt? It feels oh so sweet to mock his facial hair, his stupid ‘cool dude’ slang and the way he talks down to his doting, delusional girl-pet Heidi. There’s nothing that makes the day go by like ragging on that blond sh*thead. But Spencer has come through to ruin the party as usual. He actually wants us to hate him. He gets off on it! The more we hate him, the happier he is. Check out what he told Radar, and you’ll loathe him even more: “I’m here and I didn’t harm anybody, get in a car accident, didn’t get a DUI, and didn’t assault anybody. I would rather be this hated guy for not doing any harm to anyone physically. I’m here and I have not been racist or homophobic. There are people out there that you could go after so much more, but I’m the new villain, and that’s hilarious! It’s so cool to be alive.”

Nooooooo! Don’t take away our power, Pratt! Spencer-haters, listen close. Turn the hate into love! I know it’ll be hard, but we can’t give this wannabe billionaire (seriously) what he wants! I’ll be the first to say it – I LOVE Spencer Pratt and thing he’s an all-around nice and charming guy!

Ugh….that feels so wrong. [Getty]

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