Ellen DeGeneres Adds Heartbreak to Our Afternoon


Comedian Ellen DeGeneres broke down into tears this morning on her talk show as she was explaining the story of a dog that she and her partner, Portia de Rossi, had adopted: After training the puppy to live with the couple’s cats, it seems that they found Iggy too high-energy to be compatible with their old pets. They decided to give the dog to her hairdresser, whose two daughters became attached to it. Unfortunately, according to the adoption agreement Ellen had signed, donating the animal was a violation, and so Iggy was repossessed, which made some little girls very unhappy. In this clip Ellen pleas for the dog to be returned to the girls. This isn’t exactly above-the-fold news, but she’s so clearly distraught that she lends this little clip high-impact sentiment. But by the same token, do you think owners should be allowed to exchange pets without anyone providing oversight? After the jump, check pictures of celebrities and their dogs in happier moments. Note: Michael Vick not included.

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