T.I.’s Family Drama Goes Beyond Guns


tinyti1016.jpgT.I.‘s little gun party has turned into disaster for his whole family – or they were already headed in that direction all along. Follow this:

  • His on again-off again gal pal (and baby mama, pictured) Tiny Cottle was arrested alongside her man on Saturday night, for possession of weed and ecstasy.
  • What is most alarming is not necessarily the charges against her, but that she is allegedly pregnant with T.I.’s baby! Knocked up and f*cked up?! Oh Shizz!
  • The pair already have a kid together, 3-year old King, who was home at the time of the raid (ATF guys stormed the rapper’s house, broke down doors and windows and chucked stun grenades inside) and was apparently traumatized by the ordeal. The little one supposedly has gone with Tiny to visit his daddy in jail, where the first thing he did was apologize. We smell one screwed up kid ready to grow up!
  • T.I.P.’s been denied bail and will not be able to request it again until Friday.

So when is Daddy gonna get out, head home, and make it all better? [Getty]

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    1. Alicia says:

      T.I. is not only sexy, but he is an amazing M.C.. He’s taking responsibility for his actions like a real man does, which deserves alot of respect. He can only use this situation as a chance to make a difference in his and his fans lives. I do feel bad for him, the only reason he did get caught was due to his OWN bodygaurd snitching him out. I also feel bad that his 3 yr old son had to witness their house getting raided. I think that the ATF guys should have took more precaution when doing what they did for the simple fact that their was a 3 yr old in the house, who could have gotten seriously injured. Where are your hearts? Just keep your head up and stay strong T.I. and keep doing your thing. You will continue to be, you will always be the KING OF THE SOUTH, because you are the realist M.C we got. THANKS FOR KICKING +(` IN EVERYTHING YOU DO! MUCH LOVE AND SO MUCH RESPECT TO YOU!!!

    2. kyla says:

      everybody makes mistakes America calm down.i’m sure things could have been worse

    3. alex says:

      t.i’s hawt. and he doesnt look 27 at all. he looks waayyy younger. and yeah everyone makes mistakes. hes a famous rapper. he needs guns to protect him. you never know when some crazy lunatic is gnna try and kill em. idk if thts rlly wht they were there for lol. i have no idea why hes with tiny he kan get soo much better, but thats his decision. hes bangn hawt && all daattt. daym wht i wood do to him.

    4. sheba says:

      you know what i love ti, my girl tiny and their cute “_@*(%_)#!@^%~ kids. i think you all should mind your own business and i think that its rude as hell saying their babys growing up &%~^##!*`)*%`&$* ed up. atleast ti loves his kids and is there for them.

    5. wanda says:

      its true everybody makes mistakes…..get over it!

    6. cat says:

      my god tis hot butt bad gosh!!!!!!!

    7. ALEJANDRA says:


    8. Ms.Harris says:

      I think TI not going to jail because of his t.v show he did his 1000 hour so everybody TI is safe from dropin the soap

    9. andres says:

      t.i. is a great rapper and knows wat he did was wrong, and on my side i dont think that he should be tooken away fromw his family. because no one wants to miss a moment of their kids life

    10. SEXY says:


    11. anige says:

      wh1 is very unprofessional for posting something like this.

    12. tiana says:

      hi ti im sorry you lost your girl and your best friend in one yar but you are so ausemn please right back to me. my email is tigger321321@gmail.com you are one and only idol. and your biggest fan.

      YOU ROCKKK????

    13. I LOVE YOU says:



    14. treyshawn says:

      dis )$(#_+(!#^`(*#$( crazy

    15. your mom says:

      t.i. is hella sexy!!!

    16. katiana says:

      all yall haten on ti he is sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
      i luv da song wat evr u like
      stay srong ti

    17. Baby says:

      I luv t.i. he is da bomb nd he is soo awesum. i tink he knws what he did was wrong nd he regrets it. soo get over it ppl!!!!!!!!!:}<3 p.s t.i is soooooo hot

    18. hahaha says:

      haaaaaa i love t.i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    19. brandi says:

      i love t.i he is muhhhhhh baby and he is soooooooooooooo SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!