Foxy’s Lawyer Leaves Her After Lame Threat


foxy1017.jpgFoxy Brown‘s barely got anyone to hang out with in jail for the next year, and to make matters worse her lawyer just ditched her too. The reason? His wife was “threatened” by a man who exited a silver car in front of their apartment building and asked her “How can a beautiful woman like you be beaten up?”

I guess this sounds like a threat, but hey, it could also be a compliment! Or perhaps he was just asking for suggestions on how to beat her if he were to try. It’s kind of nice of the guy to at least ask before he opens a can of revenge whoop-ass on her. Either way, this seems like an easy way for Foxy’s lawyer to get out of representing someone who is surely a difficult client. Just last Friday she refused twice – TWICE – to get on the bus heading to her court hearing because she hadn’t done her hair and make up. Sounds like Mr. Attorney couldn’t handle all the diva coming his way. [Getty]

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