Jenna Jameson’s Plastic Alien Pose


jennaa.jpgHoly bones. Rubber-skinned porn entrepreneur Jenna Jameson looks like she’s just about completed her transformation from human to extra terrestrial. The mother ship surely must be landing soon to pick her up and zap her to Mars! There’s no other way to explain what the hell is going on with her body (well, we can think of a couple things but we don’t want to start rumors). From what we can tell, Jenna looks like a f*cking mess, and her should bones are practically the sizes of her massive breasts. Someone send a platter of bagels over to Club Jenna stat – if she doesn’t eat them maybe she can use them to form some sort of protective covering for her skeletal frame.

Check out more pics below of Jenna modeling (and backstage) in the Heatherette fashion show this past Monday.

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