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Previously, we posted an interview with New York all covering her thoughts on the new season of her show. Now, we bring you a more behind-the-scenes look at New York: what goes on in her head and what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Below, New York talks about her encounter with a TMZ photographer, the New York Post‘s allegations that she’s racist, her interaction with Mo’Nique on the set of Charm School (“She turned herself into a freak, seriously”) and how she feels about Flavor of Love 3, since it will be going on without her. Get ready for a verbal smackdown after the jump…

Recently, TMZ posted a video featuring you giving a paparazzo a hard time. It was awesome.

You know what? I reacted like that when TMZ came out of nowhere because I am such a private person. When I’m on camera, I want to know that I’m gonna be on camera. Don’t just come out of the bushes on me, you know what I mean? I feel like I have the right to protect my private life if I choose. Every time they find me I’m gonna be nasty because it’s like I just want to hang out and chill and not be on camera.

That’s a job hazard of being a public persona. Is the attention you get wearing on your nerves?

I’m going on my second year of being in the spotlight, so I’ve learned how to adapt. There is definitely a balance. If I have my day where I don’t feel like being New York, if I want go somewhere and I don’t feel like taking pictures or whatever, I don’t go out that day. I just learn kinda how to navigate through it. It can get a little hectic sometimes. I love my fans, but I’m a human being. I get emotional sometimes.

Those days that you don’t feel like being New York, what are they like?

I mean, I’m just a regular, normal person. My style of dress and the way that I am is probably a little above average in that regard, but other than that, everything is like, normal. I like to go to the movies, and regardless of the fame I still like to go to the mall. Sometimes some days it’s impossible for me to walk through the mall, but I still try to do that and you know I still like all the same things that I liked before. Clubbing, restaurants. I’m just chillin’!

I don’t know if you heard about it, a few months ago there was a story in Page Six saying a white woman came up to you and asked for your autograph and you said no, then a black woman did and they were saying that you are racist. Did you read about this?

I did hear about that. All I want to say is that is totally false. There was a white waitress, there was a black waitress. The white waitress was very snooty to me and she was a little bit rude, the black waitress was very, very nice to me, so I showed her love. That’s how that came about. I would never treat someone differently just because of their race. That’s crazy.

I hear rumors you’re moving to New York City.

Yes. I’m in the middle of finding like the perfect spot here in New York. I spend a lot of time in New York now, and I’m looking to move out here really, really soon. Like within the next couple of weeks.

I find your ascent to fame particularly fascinating.

I know, I still can’t believe it sometimes. It was just this ball that got rolling and it got bigger and bigger and bigger. Now it’s like I sort of stand on my own now. I’m kind of out of Flav’s shadow. A lot of people don’t even call me New York anymore — they call me Tiffany on the street. When they’re like, “Hey Tiffany!” that feels really good.

Ever since your mom made her debut on the first season of Flavor of Love, your weight has been a topic of televised discussion. What’s your regimen like – do you work out or diet or what?

It’s a little bit of both. I’m a girl that loves to eat. In the mornings, I’ll usually have a piece of fruit, then lunch I’ll probably just have like a liquid shake of some sort, like a carb-control shake, and then I’ll have a regular dinner. And then I Tae Bo. I do the Tae Bo Amped DVDs. I have to work out or I won’t lose weight.

When I interviewed Mo’Nique at the start of Charm School, she told me that she had some words with you behind the scenes. Can you tell me about your interaction with her?

When I did meet her off camera and we talked after I had questioned the girls, I thought she was in a trance. She was possessed by some kind of good spirits or something. She was just so over-the-top with her, “Oh sister, you wanna be a good woman. You don’t want be like this.” I’m like, “Honey, please,” you know? It’s just too much. She turned herself into a freak, seriously.

You’re known for asserting yourself, but I wonder if your mouth has ever gotten you in trouble.

I think my mouth usually doesn’t get me into trouble. After I say something, the person I say it to takes it in and I see them thinking, like, “Hmm, she could be right.” It’s kind of like I’m a teacher of some sort. I like to teach people the err of their ways. It’s been working, so far. I mean look at me, I got a second season.

Do you ever think to yourself, “My job is so weird”? Because, really: it is.

I know, but you know what? It is a great job. I don’t think of it as weird. When a friend of mine saw the ad for the new season of I Love New York and he compared it to last season, he’s like, “You’re always in bed. And you’re always just able to lay back and be the seductress and have guys come out and see you.” I think that is so hot and sexy. It’s a privilege and an honor to do what I do because a lot of women wish they can had that. Guys coming from all over and all the 50 states coming down to meet me and seeing if they could be with me, that’s huge, I love it!

Do you think about the future? If it works out with this new guy, there won’t be an I Love New York 3. Then what do you do? Where does your career go?

This guy, like I said, before, is so perfect and we fit together so well. He said that he will not allow another season and I told him, “Don’t take that tone with me, because I am not gonna allow another season. It’s OK for me to say that, not for you to say that.” ‘Cause I have my man in check. But anyway, I do see myself branching out and pursuing a career in acting and stuff like that. Just because I’m not going to do a third season of I Love New York, it doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be another project waiting for me.

And what are your feelings on Flavor of Love 3?

Oh boy. When I heard he was doing a third season, I was a little surprised. Really, I didn’t know how to feel. It’s just one of those things where I’m like, “He’s gotta do it again? For a third time?” Twice is cool, but a third time? I’m just gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope that he finds true love I guess. I’m just shocked.

You were such a big part of the first two seasons. It’s going to be a different show without you.

When I did find out he was doing a third season I figured that this season is gonna be his baby. I’m not involved in any way. I’m not coming back as a friend, no advice, no nothing. It’s just really his time to like take it over and find his girl on his own. It’s gonna be fun to actually see, finally see the Flavor of Love without me.

So you’ll be watching?

I think I will tune in if it keeps me. What am I saying? I’m sure I’ll watch it. To just kinda support Flav.

Peep some bonus snaps of New York from episodes 1 & 2.

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