The Office: Michael’s Monkey Problems



Colleagues –

As was requested in our last staff meeting, viewing of The Office is mandatory for all employees. Please review my minutes of last night’s episode and be prepared for a discussion of the show in today’s lunch meeting. Yes, we’re having Italian food. Powerpoint to follow (once I figure out how to get it to work).

The Boss

Point #1. Agritourism is the future! Dwight is now running Schrute Farms as an inn with the help of his table-making brother Mose. Forget Andy, don’t you think Angela and that outhouse-loving weirdo should get it on? He could probably make her a coat out of cat fur.

Point #2. Telemarketing is the future, too! Michael is cold-calling people to make extra money so he can afford such luxuries as a Core Flex ab machine and The Muppet Show on DVD. How many other people did not laugh at this because it kinda sorta totally rings true? My abs look awesome though.

Point #3. We are changing the downstairs conference room to an Irrigation Room effective immediately. Please bring in old faucets from home for decoration.

Point #4. Kelly is now dating Darryl, whom she calls the “most complicated man” she’s ever met due to his honest talk. Let’s try it, shall we? I’ll go: I would make tables with Jim any day. You turn!

Point #5. Did I just use whom correctly in the above sentence? Whomever. I mean WHATEVER. Ugh, that word is confusing.

Point #6. Michael’s rendition of Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train while sitting on his getaway train was the best comeback of a 90’s hit ever. Britney should use that as her comeback song!

Point #7. Michael declares bankruptcy! I declare that I cried at the end of this episode when Jim kissed Pam!

Fan-ployees: All other points of interest from last night’s episode must be discussed here.

Be on time for the meeting. My boss from corporate is coming.

[NBC Photo: Mitch Haddad]

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