Foxy Brown Locked Up and Alone


foxybrown_102307.jpgIf only we could be a roach on the cell wall of Foxy Brown – we’d give anything to hear the conversations the hip hop diva is gonna have with herself in solitary confinement for the next 76 days. The once on top of the world superstar got her ass thrown into the infamously lonely cell (she gets one hour a day out of her 12×12) after getting in three – THREE! – altercations with prisoners and officials at her Rikers Island jail. Foxy got in a shoving match with a fellow inmate at the beginning of the month, and then was verbally abusive toward officers and refused to take a random drug test. That kind of ‘tude may fly in Brooklyn, but not at Rikers! She ain’t got no blackberries to use as weapons on this island.

Imagine it – Foxy gets 23 hours to just talk to herself:

Bitch get out of my face! Oh wait – there’s no one else in here. I’m the bitch I was talking too. Wow, am I a bitch? Heyyyyy, I think I might be a difficult, misanthropic person. It probably stems from starting in the often rough n’ tumble entertainment industry as a teen singing about some fairly adult topics. Who you calling difficult, you motherfu-oh look sunlight! Sigh. I wonder who can get me some Crown Royale around here. That sure does remind me of the old days. Whatever happened to Blackstreet anyways? They owned the mid to late ’90s! What’s that little rat friend? You can hook me up? Sweet – high five! Wait – did you just give me the finger? Oh, that was your tail. Sorry about that. [NYP. Getty]

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