Heidi Montag’s Cheap-Ass Video Shoot


Heidi’s New Music Video

Heidi Montag and her boy loser Spencer Pratt are never boring, especially when what they’re doing is so downright pathetic! And honestly, what is sadder than having your boyfriend/manager/self-esteem ruiner shoot your music video (for her single “Higher”) with a hand-held camera (while playing your single on a boombox) as you prance around the ocean in a bikini, flailing your awkward arms? NOTHING! Check out video of the two “working” on the shoot and just try not to cringe. I hope Lauren and Audrina watched this and had a good laugh – and then shot it a couple times for The Hills. [Mollygood]

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  1. kitty kat says:

    I am so SORRY but you suck in the music business. Why don’t you just be a stay at home wife? Doesn’t your husband make a lot of money his self? Or just keep taking pictures for playboy.Write a book on ” How to keep a dush bag of a man”.You should of just stayed friend with Lauren.