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Before she dismissed him, New York called 20 Pack many things: freeloading, a purse-holder, a girlfriend. But her harsh words didn’t get him down, as our interview attests. And in fact, he has some choice words of his own (New York has “ranch breath” and Tailor Made is “smegma,” for just two examples). Below, 20 Pack talks about his no-kiss policy, those pesky gay rumors and what he does to maintain those killer abs.

How was your experience on the show?

My experience was eventful. I would say that wasn’t everything that it was cracked up to be.

You seemed to be an active member in the house, like when you called and led the meeting.

Yeah, I feel like I was edited out a lot. I guess there were other people that caused more drama, so they just kinda made me a minor character. I thought I was definitely more involved with a lot of the stuff in the house.

Did you get along with most of the guys?

I made some really good friends and I would say I got along with five of them really well: Punk, Buddha, Cheezy, Pretty, and the Entertainer.

Speaking of Pretty, were you surprised when everybody started talking about whether or not he was gay?

No, being in the business I’m in, like in the nightclubs and at the hair salon, I can spot one from a mile away. Tailor Made was coming around saying, “We need to call him out on it.” But if I’m not 100 percent sure, I never call anybody out. I think that is the worst thing you could ever do.

Was there anybody else that you got gay vibes from in the house?

Oh I knew right off the bat…I can’t say if he was fully gay but I’d say he was definitely bi: Unsure.

Speaking of your occupation, you MC male strip shows right?

Night clubs and male strip shows yes.

That must be interesting.

It’s quite eventful.

As an MC, so you’re not technically a stripper, right?

I was for a long time. But every night at the club is like a different night, you know? I’m the type of person that sees something and always wants to do better than that other person. Almost like a one-upper. So I saw somebody do it one night and I was like, “Oh I could do that!” Regardless of my size or whatever.

In the beginning of the episode you said you sort of had a problem showing affection. Do you you ever kiss on the first date?

No, because working in what I work in, I mean I’ve been with…I stopped counting [the number of women] years ago. But I’ve never talked to somebody after hooking up with them, or sleeping with them the first night I ever met them. So it’s almost like a no-win situation. I just lose all respect. And when you’re in a house with New York and knowing that she kissed all of those guys…the worst thing was Flavor Flav. That was running through my head. And I was there strictly on the fact that I was attracted to this woman’s personality.

Not her appearance?

I don’t normally go for girls that look like New York, but I did love her outgoing-ness. But once I was in the house, I lost respect for a lot of things, like how she stuck by Tailor Made. And I wasn’t going to lose respect for myself and change my views. I wrote something the other night on MySpace, and I got a lot of responses from it. It goes: “What is a girlfriend? To me, it’s a person who is your best friend, the person you stand by, the person you make love to and most important somebody your always there for. New York regardless of how you did me, I’ll always be there for you. I was going in there to make a best friend that I had the potential in the future to stand by, sleep with, etc.”

It’s one thing to sleep with somebody, but it’s another thing to make out with somebody. I don’t think a lot of people place the weight on kissing that you do.

Well, it didn’t help matters that the date we went on was so horrible. It was the worst date ever. I had mud in my ass crack, I had mud in my ears, I was still venting about Mr. Wise taking up all the time in the ring. And then to top it off, New York just ate dinner and you see how much ranch dressing she has with her meals. Like, you could smell it. No joke and I’m not being a dirtbag or mean to say that but, you know, that’s a turn-off for me. I was forced to go on the date and be put in a situation I didn’t want to be in: being violated by mud and having to kiss ranch breath.

It did a lot for your character when you accepted Wise’s apology for hogging the ring time. It was weird seeing someone on this episode act…civilly.

It’s so funny to see people’s views on me change throughout the season. My pictures were released and everyone was like, “Oh who does his eyebrows?” Meanwhile I’ve never touched them in my entire life. “Oh look at this, he is for sure gay. Blah blah blah.” And then people like they see you and they’re like, OK he has a different image. I was cast as like the pretty boy but I was the realest one in that house.

You were the anti-Tailor Made. Is he really so douchey in person?

Oh you have no idea. He’s conniving. You saw in this week’s episode when he tries to make us turn on Pretty. What you don’t see is that stuff happens 10 times more than they actually show. To me, that is not ingenious, that is just low. Like, I can’t even describe that. That is like smegma. You know that stuff that accumulates on the side of your mouth? Yeah that’s what he is, that white foam.

You mentioned before when the cast pictures went up people were talking about you possibly being gay. I assume that because you’re pretty and ripped, that’s not the first time you’ve heard that.

Yes, I’ve come across this before. I’m so open personality-wise, and that’s actually something that breaks a barrier between people. Especially working in a club like hosting a male revue. I can’t go up there and be alpha male, d*** swinging left to the right. You have to go up there and kinda bring out that [softer] side of you so they automatically trust you. That is the ultimate ice breaker and plus I’m extremely social. Like, I can talk to anybody in any situation cause god knows I was the least hip-hop out of anybody in that house. If you see me under normal circumstances I have a faux Mohawk and I’m throwing up the rock sign 24/7.

But for the record, you are a hundred percent straight?

Oh yeah. Yeah.

When you left New York sort of said you’d still be friends do you think that’s bulls***?

Well, I haven’t been able to get in contact with her but…

But you would?

Oh, of course. She’s somebody I would love to hang out with.

In her interview, she sort of made fun of you and called you a purse-holder, what was your response to that?

Well I think she coulda let me go a lot worse. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect everyone’s opinion and judgment. It’s not something I’m gonna get bent outta shape about.

You named yourself after your abs, so I wonder what your fitness regimen is like.

Um, Burger King and McDonalds.

And how often do you go to the gym?

I dunno. Three times a week maybe.

So it’s just good genes?

Yeah, good genetics.

If you had the chance to go back and do the show again, would you?

No. Honestly, I wouldn’t. If it was like Jes from Rock of Love, yes. But if it was I Love New York, I wouldn’t go back.

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