Da Brat Goes on the Attack


brat_mugshot.jpgWe’ve always loved how sassy Da Brat‘s been on The Surreal Life 4 and Celebrity Fit Club, but damn she’s even spunkier in real life! The rapper was arrested early this morning in Atlanta after clocking a nightclub waitress. Holy sh*t, she’s not effing around! Apparently the two got in a fight that escalated into shoving, until Da Brat took it to the next level with a little rum-bottle-in-the-face action. The waitress ended up at the hospital and Da Brat ended up posing for this beautiful mug shot (right) and getting charged with “felony aggravated assault.” The best part is that she appears to be in some sort of Halloween costume – that yellow polka dot jacket and pink tie has gotta be more than just a quirky fashion statement, right? [Smoking Gun]

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  1. Chris says:

    Another @#^*^$@*`(~`~`) hole rapper bites the big one….Not surprised…none of them have any class, dignity, respect, character, or any other fundamental human qualities. Wait a little longer, they will all be in jail, shoot each other, or turn into useless anti social scumbags that the governemtn will have to apy for…..

  2. poosie says:

    i think dat the brat is still the best female rapper alive

  3. poosie says:

    i think dat the brat is still the best female rapper alive dont wortr come out with a song greater than ever

  4. dstephanie says: