Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Racist Rant


dog-chapman-1101.jpgDog Chapman – that mulleted giant who tracks down criminals in Hawaii with his big-breasted wife in A&E’s show Dog the Bounty Hunter – is now at the center of a good ol’ fashioned sh*t storm, and he’s got no one but himself to blame. Turns out Dog likes to throw around the “N word” – a lot – and did so in a serious rant while talking on the phone to his son. His rage revolved around his son’s African-American girlfriend, and his opinion of her was less than complimentary – it was straight up racist and gross. The conversation was magically recorded (isn’t America great?) and is now all over the internet for your listening and cringing pleasure. Be advised – his language is seriously NSFW. Dog has since apologized, prayed with his pastor and reached out to the go-to guy for idiots who say stupid stuff – the Reverend Al Sharpton. Still, A&E has reacted quickly and “suspended production on the series.” That’s gotta hurt, Dog! But probably not as much as what you said. [Image: Getty]

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