Michael Jackson Is “Smelly”


michael_jackson_ebony.jpgIn the December issue of Ebony, Michael Jackson grants his first magazine interview in 10 years and boy, is it…boring. You should start reading any superstar interview expecting a very guarded self-portrayal, but this one is virtually missing all signs of Jackson-family nonsense. Sadness! According to Mike, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown are “wonderful,” Stevie Wonder is a “prophet,” global warming is scary and presidential elections aren’t worth following. Fas. Cin. A. Ting. The only shred of dirt comes via the nickname Quincy gave Mike during the creation of Thriller, as alluded to above. Says M.J.:

Quincy calls me a nickname, ‘Smelly’…Back then, especially back then — I say a few swear words now — but especially then, you couldn’t get me to swear. So I would say, ‘That’s a smelly song.’ That would mean, ‘It’s so great,’ that you’re engrossed in it. So he would call me ‘Smelly.’

Now when people call Michael Jackson “Smelly,” they’re referring to the formaldehyde that’s preserving him. You know, the more things change, the more they stay the same. For the complete interview and more airbrushed-to-womanhood pictures, hit up ohnotheydidnt.

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  1. sharles says:

    mj is the best

  2. Phalio says:

    How extraordinarily cynical of you.

  3. Georgia says:

    WOW! What a hot shot of Michael! Call ME wacko, but I think MJ is both awesome and cute! I couldn’t help noticing that he said he never swore in the Thriller days, and he now does. What happened?! I listend to Morphine and the language in that is revolting! Michael, I don’t like it when you swear!! Please stop!

  4. Roxanne says:

    OMG..my first concert was a JACKSON FIVE, w/ MJ of course, concert. I found FIVE dollars and that was the BEST NITE of my life. My condolences to the family, frends and fans. We Luv You MJ

  5. kiran says:

    Michael I am big fan of you. Your songs & dancing Moonwalk /Beat it / You Are Not Alone/They Don’t Care About & your are My heart. He will be remembered forever, not only was he the greatest dancing and singer ever .I love you and I pray for you.I Miss You . My age 15 & Your are so sweet .I love you.Your are Best singer ever

  6. windybee says:

    There is an incredible book called Montyne’s Inferno that has a story in it that we think tells a never before truth about Michael Jackson. The author says that the events in this novel were inspired by true events. If it is true then this is great for Jackson….

  7. keisha says:

    WOW! He’s dead…and everyone still thinks that it’s okay to drag him through the mud. Clearly he had serious issues that NEVER were addressed, probably for fear of riducule and persecution…huh…wonder why he felt like that!It’s not important how he wanted to look, but, perhaps we should look at why he felt that way. Shame on the media for having NO boundaries in the name of FREE speech.It’s funny..no body villafied ELVIS after hookin’ up with his teenaged wife, even after we confirmed he was a junkie and a food addict he’s still WORSHIPPED…wonder why?

  8. I can’t believe how mean Khloe was to her husband’s best friend! She needs to be more gentle.

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