Akon Dumped By (Almost) Wife #4


akon-rachel.jpgWe can’t get enough of these gems from an interview with Rachel Ritfield, the woman who was to be Akon‘s fourth wife. Sadly, when push came to shove, the model just couldn’t force herself to walk down the aisle with the polygamous rapper. Rachel said, “I want a man who thinks that I’m God’s gift to creation and I can think the same of him.” Well then what was she doing with Akon in the first place? Isn’t he a notorious man ho? Apparently dry-humping underage fans can really turn a woman on. Rachel was not freaked out by the whole plural marriage thing at first, claiming “Akon was honest with me about his mutiple wives from the start, which never got in the way of our relationship because his wives live in various parts of the world, so I thought why fix it if it’s not broken?”

Fix what? Our culture’s attitude toward men who marry multiple women? Akon’s screwy relationships? Sadly, Rachel didn’t get the hint until Akon had kid number five with one of his wifeys. Rachel finally realized that Akon was still boning other chicks even though he acted like she was the only piece of ass in his life, and she bailed. “The one thing I wanted from Akon was for him to be monogamous to me but he could not grant me my wish,” she lamented.

Hang in there girl! There are plenty of other creepy-ass rich dudes just yearning for a hot model like yourself. You’ll get your wish! [Image: Rachel's MySpace]

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  1. Damian Mucho says:

    I think Akon still believe he is in Africa, Cultures here in Africa do not hold there in U.S.A. I think we you go to Rome,do what the Romans do. He shouldn’t use the name as an artist to rule the world. He need a change.

  2. branyce says:

    so sad

  3. Lisa lesly says:

    Rachel Ritfield is a liar, she knew what she was getting into, she only got with Akon for oportunities, she’s an opportunist, always has been. Another story for her to sell to make herself look good and get money, people in the industry really know what she’s about and how she really gets her jobs.