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Do you have a burning question for New York? Want to know more about her life or need advice on love, dealing with a domineering mother or getting your way? Here’s your chance to ask her: we’re opening the floor for question submissions for an interview that will run on this blog some time in the coming weeks. Whatever you want to know about New York, ask away. Leave your questions in the comments section of this post or, if you’re the private type, email with your query.

Keep in mind that we’ve covered a lot of biographical ground in previous interviews (this one and this one offer a lot of background info on Miss Pollard), so we probably won’t choose questions that have already been answered. You can ask anything you want (get your catharsis on!), but keep in mind that only the reasonable questions will go to New York. In other words, she’s not going to reveal who the winner of I Love New York 2 is, nor will she entertain questions that are insulting or offensive in any way. You know she’s not having that ish!

You have one week to submit your questions. Once we have enough, we’ll call up New York and post the resulting interview soon after. Get out your thinking caps…or, your really nice wigs. Whatever you prefer.

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  1. darrell says:

    do u

  2. darrell says:

    do u really have big (+# ties

  3. darrell says:

    can i %~~* u with that fat @&$$&

  4. Tina says:

    Are you stell with Tyler?

  5. toya says:

    my question is this is punk still single ?and is the wedding any time soon? if so update your information. Is the new family lovin you even thoughyou being so loose with your pants? get back one.

  6. DANAIJA says:


  7. Tamiesha says:

    Hows the love life

  8. sean somanna says:

    i wanted why does not pimp my ride come to india there are a lot of rusted cars so do u think it would work out for them and trust me this show is viewed by most of the indians stayimg in india

  9. Nicole says:

    Are U AND Tailor Made Still together? Is he going to be the father of ur baby?

  10. Laurie says:

    Hey i enjoyed watching your show and im curious are you and Tailor Maid still together, or whats going on with that?

  11. ZANIJAH says:


  12. ZANIJAH says:


  13. dashia smith says:

    r u still going to marry talor made??????

  14. kim says:

    are u going to marry taylor

  15. yume says:

    I wish you well on your success. I hope you find love if you are not with Taylor.

  16. MsSunshynne says:

    Keep that whyte gurl out ur nose! Why you and Taylor Made break up? You wrong if it really went down like that…If you dumped him in front of people that effed up. I remember when you look like Curious George. Now you got money you think you the )+$_+`%@`)#%+*~_ You should play with emotions like that. Even though you arent someone i would look up to. I do with you luck in your life. Cant wait til the day the headlines say “New York is now going as her government name”. Change your life. Make money! Dont let the Money make you. As far as your mother…. *speechless* And Taylor Made is a punk `~&#!^@_)$@**$++# But we all have feelings and deserve some kind of respect. Especially in public….ciao ciao `~&#!^@_)$@**$++# es?

  17. Kandi says:

    Are you always going to be under your mothers’ thumb & let her control your life? I still remember her 1st apperance on Flavor Of Love 1 & the way she talked to you & at you was so bogus.

  18. Katrina williams says:

    I was just anted what is up withyou and ailo Made. i have followed your entire journey and as routing fo tailor madethe vey first episode. Hop you guys ar still ogether and happy Pease don’ belike Flavour Flave and Bret

  19. TRENECIA says:

    why d you did you and taylor made break up you were such a grat couple

  20. Porscha says:

    Hello New York I love you since day one I think you being so aggressive I mean you keep me on the edge of my seat I am gone keep it real and say that you are such a &~#`#~()$&+`%^!~^ and you know that I mean you fake some of your emotions and it don’t be that serious you be all fake crying and having these explosion you just did seem real at first but after seeing you on the new show I mean you just showed your true colors you made me believe you You tried and &~#`#~()$&+`%^!~^ es on the shows like Amani just didn’t cut it Imean she a blck girl trying to be white she just say the most stupids `_%“))!+%~)!#+ %(@!*@&`@%`#_#(@ I owuld have kick that &~#`#~()$&+`%^!~^ in her face she a stupid &~#`#~()$&+`%^!~^ that tried to get under your skin I mean she knew that you have a bad attiiude you would have kick her `_%“))!+%~)!#+ I mean New York keep doing your thing and baby get rid of tailor made man you see that men on your show babay you sa hand full and I bet you he know what to do with all that I love New York and you back and I respect you okay You came up and I am a big fan of your show You sitting onthese hoes that tyring to make it Don’t let nobody say you do’nt But your mama man she a fool I dont like her she is so rude and dont have no manners you grown and she need to let you go sje always breathing up your neck but she do ruin your grown woman %(@!*@&`@%`#_#(@ man Ilove my mama but it times to let her go you still her baby girl dont let her be the cause to you being broke I mean she probaly jealous of you I mean do you andleave her at the crib She ya mama but you know she is a headache I mean she running every body away I cant wait until you brign that man home ha hah aha hah aha aha man tailor made is a weap and he is a %+$%))@_+~`%%!&& out he dont wont you know what you know what his wife said on the show I mean you knowI love you girl I will always be fan

  21. Tiffany says:

    Hey New York whats up i wanted to ask the question what inspired the way that you dress i think that you are so beautiful an i love the way that you dress see me i have problems with my body not saying i look bad because i look good for someone who has had two babies so what kind of advice can you give me because i know all women are causious aboout at least one part of there body well just a wnated ton say i love your show never miss it i love your don’t give a fu## about a hater attitude well talk to you later can’t wait to hear back from you bye

  22. DARKLOVE26 says:


  23. breahanne says:

    are u coming out with another i love new york? i sure hope so gurl