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I’m just gonna put it out there: besides New York herself and Sister Patterson’s claws, Midget Mac is the greatest thing to happen to I Love New York in the show’s run. Having a little person on the show to vie for New York’s love was a novel idea, but during his time on the show, Midget Mac’s character grew out of the shadow of his height (or lack thereof). Before his elimination, New York called him the “biggest little man I ever met,” and she might as well have been speaking for the whole world: we could all learn a thing or two from Midget Mac about keeping our spirits up when life has got us down.

After the jump, Mac talks about his elimination, his fame, his daughters, his life, his use of the word “midget”…really, everything. He’s as open and jovial on the phone as he is on the show. This guy’s the real deal.

When New York sent you home, she said she felt like you couldn’t give her the love you needed and you seemed to agree in your exit interview. Looking back, was it true? Were you using reality TV to rebound from the death of your fiancé?

Kinda sorta. My fiancé died in March, but at the same time, I was feeling New York. I was trying to get a chance to see what she was about as a woman instead of a TV star.

It seemed like your bond with her was solid.

We had a lot of good times together. She always kept it real with me and she didn’t disrespect me like she did others in the house.

At the same time, Sister Patterson was terrible to you. Did she offend you?

Naw. What am I gonna say? I’ve been dealing with that s*** all my life. Not from grown folks, more from little kids. But little kids can’t help it. They see me and they ain’t never seen someone small before. Of course they’re gonna tap their parents: “Daddy! Daddy! Look!” I don’t take offense to that. But when a grown motherf***er like New York’s mama, 50 years old, say she ain’t ever seen someone short like me before, that seemed like she was acting, more than being scared. There’s no reason to act like that. Motherf***er acted like I was a monster or something. I’m just short.

Did she ever come around?

We talked a couple days after and she apologized to me. She gave me a hug and s***. It was pretty cool after that.

You mentioned dealing with people’s reaction to you. I wonder if you think about the fact that by appearing on the show, you’re expanding America’s perception of what a little person can do and be?

At least 100 or 200 midgets hit me up on MySpace saying I did things or said things that they could never do and they really respect me for that. People are proud of me for standing up for the little people, not taking no s***. The way I talk, the way I dress, my whole swag, how I tell motherf***ers what’s on my mind, people liked that.

A lot of people don’t like the word “midget,” but you embrace it.

A lot of little people don’t. But me, I’m a midget, plain and sample, and I’m also a mack. It goes back to high school, that’s where I came up with the name “Midget Mac Gangsta,” but I cut off the “Gangsta.”

In the last episode, when you talked about your fiancé, it hit me that you’ve really been through so much, but it doesn’t get you down…so to speak.

I was going through some rough times between February and March. My old lady was in the hospital. But I got two kids, and when you have kids, you can’t carry a chip on your shoulder, because if you do that, you end up in the dirt. You gotta keep going forward. It happened, and there was nothing I could do about it. I still got two kids to take care of, so I gotta do what I gotta do to get the job done.

But even before that, when it comes to facing prejudice as a little person or having your uncle drowning at your family reunion: you seem to full of life in the face of adversity.

It’s just growing up around the right people. I never took no s***. When I was a kid, I went through a lot of adversity being a midget. But not now. I’m Young Cash’s hype man, he’s with Universal Records. So I been out there, like on BET College tours. Motherf***ers know me like Paul Wall, Mike Jones. I met basically all the rappers. They all know me and respect me. Basically, every city I’ve been to in the past year, people show me love and respect. You always gonna have haters, especially if you’re doing something good, but now, I can’t go to the gas station or the grocery store without people telling me they love me. They like that I keep it real and say what’s on my mind and that it’s coming from a motherf***er that’s 4’6″.

And how is that? Are you having fun being recognized?

Yeah. I love it, but at certain times, it gets a little aggravating. I deal with it, because it’s my fans and I love all my fans, don’t get me wrong. There are certain times when it’s not cool to approach somebody. For example, I was in the mall this weekend ordering my food. If motherf***ers wanna take 20,000 pictures, that’s cool, but if I’m eating, just have the respect to wait until I’m done. Wait 10, 15 minutes for me to eat and then I’ll take as many pictures as you want.

As a hype man, does that mean that you’re a rapper, too? Or is your job just about getting the crowd going?

I rap a little bit. I did a song with Young Cash about a year ago, but we haven’t put it out. But I’m making an album. Young Cash is gonna help me with that, he’s a good lyricist. He’s my best friend, we’ve known each other since 15. We went to high school together and everything.

How is it raising two daughters?

I gotta give a lot of props to my family. My mom and dad. I’m on the road a lot, whether I’m promoting or whatever. I was at a homecoming in Tallahassee this weekend and my daughters stayed with my mom and dad. They have a big old house and all their kids moved out. So I gotta give a big up to my parents. Without them, I’d probably be in a mental hospital right now.

Tell me about your daughters.

Anyzha is 3-years-old and Destiny is 10 months. My oldest daughter isn’t a little person, but my youngest is. The doctor explained to me that every time I have a kid it’s like rolling dice. I could have like five normal motherf***ers, or I could have five short motherf***ers, or it could go how it did: one regular height, one who’s short.

Are your parents little people?

Naw, that’s the thing. I got three older brothers, they all normal size. My parents are normal size, too. Because it’s genetic, back in the day, someone in my family had to be short for this to happen. It could have happened 40, 60, 100 years ago.

You’re really ripped.

I stay in shape. I try to run a couple miles a day, do about 500 push-ups a night. Not back to back. Do 100, take a break, do another 100. Go like that. As far as weight lifting, I haven’t been to the gym in a minute, since I was in high school. So basically, that’s how I keep myself up: push-ups and running. But the ladies love the body, now.

I was going to ask about that, because I’m assuming that when you talk about the attention you’re getting, a good deal is coming from women.

Hell yeah. It’s not no men (laughs).

Do you find a lot of women who are into short guys? Anyone who has an all-out fetish?

Even before the show, girls always wondered how big I am as far as in the pants goes. I done hit a lot of girls in my days because of their curiosity. They just wanted to know how it is, and I gave it to ‘em, too (laughs). I’ve always had the women. I got best-dressed in junior high and high school. I’ve always been popular, but now it’s worldwide.

Getting back to the show, I’m shocked that New York let you go so early.

That was crazy. If you wanted more ratings, you should have at least had Midget Mac on there a little longer. That’s just common sense.

Were you surprised?

I thought it was a mistake. At our Mexican party, Sister Patterson made a comment about me still being there, so before my elimination, I went up and talked to New York. We talked about how her mama felt, and I said, you know, “I’m here for you. I can’t swim and I swam across a swamp for you.” She was feeling that. She told me that she had feelings for me and then we get to elimination and she cut me. It was like: damn. But I think how everything was done, with us talking about my fiancé and New York breaking down, I think for sure VH1’s gonna give me my own show. That’s common sense. Why wouldn’t you?

I wouldn’t be surprised. How was it living with the guys? You seemed like you were cool with just about everyone.

The first day we were there, when we were in the van riding over to the house, I was quiet. Man Man told me that he didn’t know about me because I was just sitting there at first, mean-mugging, not saying s***. But then when the first word came out of my mouth, he was cracking up. I already knew going into the competition that they were going to test me because of my size. I had to go in there tough, taking no s***, taking no prisoners. But at the same time, people love hanging out with me because I’m fun and I always keep motherf***ers laughing. You always gonna have fun when you hang with Midget Mac, hands down. I’m gonna get you drunk, we gonna get the women and we gonna have a good time at the club.

Was there anyone in particular that you bonded with?

It. That’s my dog. We talk on a regular basis. Buddha, that’s my dog. You saw, he jumped in there and saved me. You knew that was my dog. Wise, he real cool. Me and the Entertainer got into it a couple times, but he hit me up on MySpace saying it wasn’t really like that. So I ain’t got a problem with him. Tailor Made, he all right. He ain’t do nothing to me, but I don’t like how he did other motherf***ers. He a snitch. I don’t like his character, how he played it like that.

Besides the Entertainer, there was no real beef?

Naw. Me and Cheezy didn’t get into it, I just cussed his ass out. He went on a date and told New York, “I don’t think Midget Mac’s here for you. He told your mom how he been on BET.” When he got home, It told me and I was like, “Damn, why would you tell her that, when I already told her and her mama that? Basically, you hatin’ on me.” I cussed his motherf***in’ ass out and that was the same night he got eliminated. I got into it with 20 Pack. He basically did the same thing. He told New York there were six people that were there for her and three that weren’t: me, It and Wolf. When I got wind of that, I just snapped: “Motherf***er, why are you here, because everybody in this house think you’re gay?” I switched that song [by Hurricane Chris] from “A Bay Bay” to “Gay Gay Gay.” I almost had that motherf***er in tears. But he hated on me first. When I went on my date, I didn’t talk about any of them! Don’t talk about me behind my back. I hate that s***.

What did you think of New York calling It an “idiot?”

I talk to It on the phone. He wasn’t acting. That’s how he is. It’s his character. She shouldn’t have gone that far to disrespect him. Calling him an idiot was kind of crazy.

We didn’t see your reaction to the lights flickering in the house.

Man, I knew that s*** was bulls***. You saw all the motherf***ers running around the house? I was in the kitchen fixing eggs. I was just doing my thing. You saw everyone else running around the house like bitches. The Entertainer, he looked like Sgt. Assh***, running around with a helmet on. He was making fun of It two days ago for wearing a helmet! He slept with that helmet on.

In general, how was your time on the show?

I loved it. Definitely a new experience. I had a good time. I was having a good time when we were drinking our margaritas and then the mama had to come and spoil every damn thing. But I had a good time. I met some real people, I met some fake people.

I’m glad the world got to know you, Midget Mac.

For sure, for sure. That’s all I really wanted: for them to know who I am as a person and not just look at me because I’m short.

Keep up with Midget Mac via his MySpace.

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