The Best of Jessica Simpson’s Bad Movies


Jessica Simpson is our most favoritest actress ever. Someone should create an awards show that’s more prestigious than the Oscars, because that is what Jessica deserves. This award should be named after her, too! Her talent – her glowing, blossoming, raw talent – deserves nothing less. We’ve come to this awed conclusion after viewing the latest notch in Jessica’s acting bed post – the trailer for her upcoming flick Major Movie Star. It looks like another winner; horrible script + bad comedic timing = gold at the box office!

Below the jump we’ve got some other fine selections from the Jessica Simpson Library of Craptastic Films. Take a look at the trailer for her still unreleased movie Blonde Ambition. Did the same stoned monkey write the script for that flick and Major Movie Star? The both seem so similarly awful. Or that could just be Jessica’s acting skills.

Don’t forget her flop Employee of the Month!

Or Jessica’s big screen debut as a piece of meat in The Dukes of Hazzard.

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