Vanessa Minnillo Headed to Playboy?


vanessa_minnillo.jpgVanessa Minillo reportedly is being courted by Playboy to share her assets in a nude pictorial. An editor at Playboy has been quoted as having said: “Vanessa is absolutely right for Playboy. She’s very sexy and more sophisticated than a lot of women her age.” Supposedly, In Touch is the supposed source of the story (per this blog, where the news seemed to surface online) however, there’s no real proof that the story has any validity. Not that there needs to be: of course Playboy would court Minnillo. First of all, they court anything with a vagina and a semi-symmetrical face. Second of all, those shots of Vanessa and bf Nick Lachey doing the nasty that leaked this year proved that she can perform on camera. Third of all, what else does she have to do besides posing for Playboy? It’s practically manifest destiny at this point.

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  1. Faeri says:

    i don’t think someone like vanessa is right for playboy. you don’t steal someone’s man and then try to get popular with their man just for your career to be out there. and thinking that playboy will get you out there… respect yourself more!
    Women are treated low because of girls like pornhoz and playboys. sad but true!

  2. DMalenfant says:

    Faeri, she did not steal her man from Jessica Simpson, Simpson dumped his ((_ and then something better (Vanessa) came along. The only people that do not respect a woman for showing thier body off are women who are ashamed of their own bodies, and guys that can’t get any.
    What do you mean women get treated low? Your one those feminazis arn’t you? What, having just as many rights as men not good enough for you? When getting divorced, getting half not enough, when getting knocked up, a job not able to lay off or fire your ((_ with out a really good reason not enough? Here is low, WHY ARE YOU NOT THE STOVE COOKING? There, thats low.

  3. Bob says:

    I dont care who you are or what you have done in your life when it comes to how I treat someone. most men think that the way to trat one like a queen is to be good in bed but, that is the wrong way to live. the way to treat anyone like a queen is to be respectful of thier space and be around the one you r with when they need you, listen to them instead of pretending to listen and if you realy care about someone then no prenup should be talked about when it come to marriage. Vanessa may have done things that made news but, as far as ZI am concerned she maybe the most beautiful woman on earth but, she is also human and any guy that makes her sign a prenup doesnt trust her and with out trust she isn’t going to have love.
    I dont care how pathetic anyone thinks it is for one to go a long time with out action because I myself have gone 2 years with out anything because I decided not to do anything unless there are feelings there. I know that she realizes how foolish prenups r and I hope she realizes that she can do better then beung with someone who wants her to sign one. the girl deserves respect and I hope she gets it. she seems so sweet evertime I see her on tv and I hope I am right