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You asked and New York answered! After receiving hundreds of questions for New York, VH1’s own H.B.I.C. is now fielding them. Below, you’ll find the first installment of New York’s answers to the fans’ questions. If yours didn’t make the cut, have no fear: there are further installments of Ask New York on the way. Check back next week to see even more Ask New York answers.

Maria B. asks: Is your dad still with your mom, because I don’t see him on the show?

My mom and dad are still close, if that is what they mean by the question. They’re really still cool friends and they see each other regularly.

Amberly B. asks: Why isn’t Your Majesty around anymore? She left midway in Season 1, or I just don’t see her anymore.

I don’t have Your Majesty in the house anymore, because I don’t want none of those big-foot boys like hitting on my baby, stepping on her or letting her out of the house. There’s way too much action. I had her last season and I saw those guys coming in my room whenever they wanted, and I don’t want none of them stepping on my baby, so I couldn’t bring her on. I didn’t want to take the risk.

Resha asks: I want to know how could you keep anyone under your roof that spit in someone’s face, after you made such a big deal out of Pumpkin spitting in your face?

That is a great question. I really had strong feelings for Tailor Made and I just didn’t want to cut him. I kept him point blank because I cared for him. Everything happens for a reason, and I’m so glad I wasn’t there to witness the spit. If I witnessed it, I know I woulda wound up cutting him. But since I was upstairs you know, hearing about something is not as bad as seeing it. It wasn’t that big a deal to me after that.

Lisa asks: Do you watch the men’s comments on the show before you make your final decision?

I wish I could, but no. I’m not allowed to do anything like that because you don’t want these guys to know you’re watching their every move. I think if they did know that and I was watching their every move, they would give me something that they think I want to hear. You know what I mean? So they would basically be playing a role if I was watching the tapes back.

Josh asks: How do you handle sending a boy home that you like?

It definitely gets emotional for me to send somebody home that I like. But if I do it early enough, where we could understand it, and not be bitter, I can do it and not cry or have second thoughts. That’s the key. Eliminations can be really tough. But they’re done in a way that in the long run can be beneficial to me and the guy.

goldenbrooks asks: Why are you so hard on the men in the house?

I’m basically hard on those guys in the house because I don’t want to put on a front. I don’t wanna act like I’m sweet as humble pie 24 hours a day, when I know damn well that isn’t the case with me, you know? So I’d rather them see it now and be scared than to only see it later if I pick them. I have to keep it real. That’s why I’m so hard on them.

Adrienne B. asks: When the show started, had your heart healed completely from your first two heartbreaks?

Oh, absolutely. Had it not been a hundred percent healed, there would be no way that I could do a show. I wouldn’t have been able to give myself 100 percent to anybody. I think that is all very important to be a hundred percent fully healed before you start anything.

John K. asks: There is a decent amount of pop culture references on I Love New York 2, so what are your top ten favorite movies?

I love a lot of horror. I love Friday the 13th. One of my favorite movies is Do the Right Thing. I love Malcom X. I watched Pretty Woman last night. I loved that movie. That’s a classic. I loved Kill Bill, that was a really good one.

Kristy asks: What do you watch on TV?

I’m such an old soul. I love the Golden Girls. I love the Lifetime movie network. I always love TV Land. I watch Good Times, I watch All in the Family, and stuff like that. The Jeffersons. So I like the older shows.

Cathy B. asks: Have any of the females from the Flavor of Love episodes talked to you since the show? Have there been any positive interactions with any? Or negative? Have you talked to Flav since your show took off?

I have not spoken to Flav since my show took off, and that is not by my doing because I would love to talk to Flav. In fact I reached out and I called him to see how he was doing. He hung up on me. So I don’t know what that’s all about. As far as me being close with any of the girls positive or negative interaction, I don’t really talk to anybody except Red Oyster, who’s is really cool. I saw her over the weekend in Hollywood.

The Wonderous Me asks: You’re always changing up your look. I was wondering what is your preferred hair style and what is your favorite color eye shadow?

I have to say I do like dramatic eye make up, and I’m getting a little bit better cause usually it was black, black, black. But I would have to say that black is definitely my favorite eye shadow. It’s just something about the depth and intensity of that color on the eye. My favorite hair is just good, good, good, good, hair where you don’t have all those flyaways. It could be curly or straight as long as the quality looks good.

Dana asks: Your makeup always looks so nice, like you just walked off the runway. I was wondering how long it takes you to apply it each day?

For the show, I have my own makeup artist, but in the real world I do my own makeup and it only takes me about 45 minutes. Forty-five minutes if I know I’m going somewhere…well every damn time I go anywhere, I’m taking pictures. But yeah, it usually takes about 45 minutes to get a full, full heavy face on.

Charmane asks: How long is your real hair?

Oh my goodness. Girl, this is my favorite question. My real hair is so beautiful and well kept and it’s past my shoulder blades now because I am taking such great care of it. I don’t perm it, I don’t relax it, I don’t color it, I don’t put any heat toward it. All I do is use the Organic Root Stimulator line. Their shampoos and conditioners and their carrot juices and their olive oil sprays and stuff. And my hair is just beautiful, bouncy, fabulous and shiny and I just keep protecting it by putting the wigs and weaves over it. Do you see the pride I have in talking about my hair?

Aurelis asks: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

When I was a little kid, I think we all had those choices of being a doctor, lawyer, firefighter and a police man because that is all we know. But, as I got older, I definitely knew I wanted to be an actress or a star of some sort. I think that people that are special like me and are on television and in the industry…those things don’t just come about. It’s kinda like you’re born with it inside of you. You like always know that “I wanna be a star, I wanna be famous, I want people to know who I am.” I’ve always had those feelings.

Kristy asks: When you were in school, what were your favorite subjects?

I was always really, really great at English and Science. Those were my favorite subjects.

Stop Hating asks: How do you feel about all the haters that watch your show and criticize you then turn around and watch your damn marathon any way? Do you shake them haters off or does it get to you?

I have so many haters from all walks of life, you know? I think that my haters are the biggest hypocrites because they are undercover New York lovers. They watch the show just as much as my fans. They watch it every time it comes on and they could tell you the littlest details that the average person would miss. So, obviously the haters definitely have their eyes on New York. I love my haters because obviously they love me. They love to hate me.

Stephanie asks: If you could sponsor any charity what would it be and why?

I did just go to a charity event, out in Hollywood, and I would do anything for the pets. My mom and I, we’re such lovers of pets. We’re not vegetarians or that extreme, but just the welfare of cats and dogs and things like that. And I did make a sizable donation. I just love pets so.

Kristy asks: Are you the person you portray on TV or is that a character? Do you think most reality TV stars are who they seem to be on TV or are they playing themselves as a character?

On behalf of myself and other reality TV personalities, being in a situation where you cannot watch TV or have no communication with your loved ones in the outside world and you’re basically stuck and your cut off from any type of current events, that is enough to frustrate you and bring you to a boiling point pretty quickly. But for myself, I’ve always been a little too dramatic. This is how I was born. I was just the girl that would just be doing too much emotionally. My mom used to have to like calm me down you know? ‘Cause she used to ground me. Just to hear her saying, “You’re grounded,” made me break out in hives. I was just so emotional and so over the top all of the time.

Sherell H. asks: After this is done, what business venture are you leaning towards? Whatever you do, I wish you much success. You go girl!

That’s sweet. I’ll say that I’m definitely going to pursue acting, but I’m not going to pursue that until my relationship is locked down solid. Because I want the fans to understand that the reason they see me every week is because I was looking for love. Well now that I found that love, I really have to nurture it and take care of it you know so once it’s solid, I’m going to pursue acting.

Casa G. asks: When the show is over, would you ever consider doing Playboy?

Well, Playboy would definitely have to talk to see if I can do something. It would have to be tastefully done. We would have to talk Benjamins too. We’d have to talk money and the concept of the whole shoot.

Val asks: Can I be your best friend?

You already are my best friend.

Remember, check back next week for more Ask New York answers!

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