Tyra Looks Fierce Doin’ It Without a Wig


Tyra Banks is the sh*t. Seriously. If you don’t get off on her spazzing about the wonders of vaseline in a mock Oprah moment or testing fake hair with a fan, there is something wrong with you. Trust. Check out our fave Tyra moment above if you’re a non-believer. She brings the world the best in trash TV, while trying to hide it behind some sort of meaningful facade. This makes her kind of brilliant because we buy it all, from the Top Model marathons to the vagina puppet. Yes, Tyra is the master of our TiVo. So it was pretty disappointing to learn that the woman who reps all things fierce (or so she says) is allegedly too freaked out to get it on with dudes because she’s afraid guys won’t like her without her wig on. A source says that “Tyra is a confident woman for the most part, but she is really insecure about her hair. She doesn’t want any guy to see her without her wigs or hair extensions. Tyra feels like guys are with her for her image that they see on TV and in magazines. If one wakes up without her glamorous hair, she’s worried he may not call back!”

We have a hard time believing that the woman who is so comfortable with everything goin’ on “down there” can’t handle her own hair. That’s not our Tyra! If a man is givin’ her beef about how she look sans extensions, girlfriend needs to put on that brown bathing suit and give him a piece of her mind. For the love of all things fierce!

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