Hulk: Dumped & Desperate for Privacy


hogans-1127.jpgEven though the news of Hulk and Linda Hogan‘s divorce just dropped last week, it turns out that their separation happened some time ago and has been secretly kept under wraps. Apparently the pair hit the skids in June, and they even filmed parts of their show while broken up. Wow – good acting guys! So what went wrong? A source alleges that Linda liked to throw cash around, and wanted to purchase a big ol’ house in Cali while Hulk and the kids were loving life in Florida. The mystery spy said, “They’ve been fighting for quite a while, and a lot of it has to do with her out-of- control spending.”

Today Hulk released the following statement asking for some space while he and the clan works things out. He said, “Please respect my family’s privacy at this time with all that we have been through. I care for my wife and my children are my world and I just hope this all works out.”

We hope it all works out too! Hulk and Linda always made married life look so cute as they tooted around on their Sequeways with their puppies in tow. We’re sure this is nothing another romantic Hulk-written poem can’t fix. Right guys?

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  1. steve says:

    It was obvious to me that she thought of him as a meal ticket for the most part like in the episode that she told him “your just happy I needed you for something” when he help her lose some of her fat. The look on poor Hulks’ face said it all. What an ungrateful snob!!! The guy sacrificed his body for all their money and now that he’s all broken down she’s going to leave him. Unfortunately, with her attitude- GOOD RIDDANCE fat pig.

  2. BAD KARMA says:


  3. kelly says:

    she was never happy with what she were a good man to her, she is just money hungery.she could try living my life.i have been poor my whole husband just got a great job,and i could care less if he still only made enough just to get by .love is forever not only till the money stop or slows down.i’m just a fan ,but i still love and respect you.i have looked up to you since i was a little girl watching wresling with my dad. with all the respect in the world kelly

  4. mary says:

    i think linda hogan is an obnoxious b**** she is jut plain gross how could she leave the sweet a** kissing hulk?and the new 19 year old bo? uggggggggggg! she is a golddigging freak

  5. Leader says:

    Exactly! It only took a few episodes for me to figure this out. Good Riddence! Hulk, you don’t need a woman like that.

  6. jenifer wenket says:

    hulk im a grt fan oe urs its so sad news bou ur divorce bt u dun ned 2 tak it so seriously cz tat f****** b**** dunt deserve sch a gud man lik u she s jst a money digger tats it n nthng gud quality in hr 8 al